10 Best Exercises to Make Your Neck Stronger: Neck Workout

10 Best Exercises to Make Your Neck Stronger

Top 10 best neck exercises you can do at home 

The neck area requires more attention because it will lead to pains and other problems. If you want to improve your neck conditions then, you should consider performing some exercises to minimize unwanted problems. Moreover, doing neck exercises will help improveposture and other conditions enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Performing neck exercises provide ways to enhance strength and flexibility allowing you to stay away from risks.

Here are some neck exercises you can do at your home.

1. Chin tuck

Chin tuck is a neck exercise that gives ways to strengthen the muscles, flexibility, and function to a large extent. You can do this activity while sitting and standing. The first thing you have to do when performing this exercise is to sit comfortably and keep bout your feet on the floor. Make sure that your back is straight and your shoulders back. You should tuck in your chin and tiltyour head backward or forward. You can repeat this exercise nearly 10 times.

2. Prone cobra

prone cobra neck strength workout

Prone cobra is another exercise you can do at home that will strengthen the muscles. It is the most advanced activity that provides ways to keep your neck in a perfect state. You need to lay down your face and squeeze your butt hard. On the other hand, you need to keep your arms at the side and palms down on the floor.

In the next step, you have to lift your chest slightly but not high. It is time to turn up your thumbs and make sure that you turn your palms out and away from your body. Tuck your neck gently after squeezing your shoulder blades tight. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds.

3. Levator Scapular Stretch

Levator Scapular Stretch exercise for neck

Levator scapular stretch is one of the best neck exercises you can do at home that will help stay away from pains and other problems. While doing this activity, you should place your hand behind your back. Tilt your head by bringing you nose to the opposite shoulder. Make sure that you have a comfortable stretch by slightly turn your chin towards your armpit. Hold that position for 20-30 seconds.

4. Neck rotation

neck rotation exercise for neck

Neck rotation is one of the exercises you can do at your home. This is a simple exercise and you can perform the same by rotating your head gently. You should rotate your head slowly from one side to one side and keep the motion small.

5. SCM muscle stretch

SCM muscle stretch allows you to increase the flexibility of your neck muscles by relaxing them that will help obtain optimal results. You can perform this exercise by tilting your head away from yourshoulder after sitting on your hand. Tilt your head backward and ensure that you feel a stretch.

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6. Wall push-up

wall push up neck workout

Wall push-up is another exercise you can perform at your home that will help keep your neck from pain problems. If you are a beginner to neck exercises then, you can consider performing this activity when your body doesn’t support your body weight. It gives ways to improve the strength of your neck.

7. Shoulder squeeze

Shoulder squeeze is one of the exercises you can do at your home because it allows you to get the desired effects. You can do this activity by raising your arms to shoulder height. You have to pull your shoulder blades back. You should squeeze your shoulder blades together to move your arms back. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes and return to the standing position. You can also repeat the exercise 4 to 5 times.

8. Trapezius muscle stretch

best neck exercise

The trapezius is a large muscle located on your shoulder that contributes to performing some important functions. You can stretch your trapezius muscle for enhancing neck conditions with high success rates. To perform this exercise, you need a chair and sit up straight first. You have to keep your head and neck in a neutral position and make sure that your ears are in line with your shoulders.

Now, use your right hand to hold the edge of the chair to tuck your chin slightly. Look straight when tilting your head to the left. Pull your head to the left by placing your right hand on your right head and use general pressure to augment the stretch. You can come to the neutral position after a few minutes.

9. Side bending

side bending exercise for strong neck

Side bending is also a simple exercise you can at your home to improve your neck conditions to a large extent. It gives ways to decrease tightness and increase mobility in the neck area by tilting your hand to the right. You should make sure that your ear is close to the shoulder while doing this activity.

10. Shoulder shrug

shoulder shrug exercise

A shoulder shrug is a great exercise that works well for your neck area. You can do this activity with or without weights which will result in more benefits. On the other hand, make sure that you are doing the activity properly.


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