10 Best Hair Styling Products for Every Length of Hair and Style

best hair styling products for men in 2019

Men’s Hair Styling Product Guide for Every Type of Hairstyle in 2019

“Hairstyling is an art, you are the artist and hairstyling products are your tools.”


If you just saw a nice hair style and you want to experiment that hairstyle but don’t know how to set your hairs like that, this guide will help you find out about all the best hair-styling products for all kinds of hairstyles, for short/medium/long hairs.

Men’s hairstyle is something that gets attention from everyone who you meet or even just walking down the street. Your hair style plays a big role in presenting your overall look and personality. Good hair styling products is what makes a good hairstyle.

When it comes to buying hair styling products, you need to identify your hair type before you just go and buy that regular hair gel. Different type of hairs needs different hair products to get the desired hairstyle. You can’t just use hard hair wax on your long hairs to get slick back hairstyle.

Those old days are long gone when guy’s hair styling products were as limited as men’s hairstyles. Now there are hundreds of different hairstyles for men and trend of hair products have been growing rapidly.

When you’re thinking whether to buy a pomade, or a wax, or a cream, or the regular gel, it’s best to think about what kind of style you’re going for, and find the products required for that hairstyle.

Hair products used for long hairs aren’t the same for short or medium hairs and same goes for hairstyles, Products used for skin fade hairstyle can’t get you center parting hairstyle.

Now let’s jump right into the list of 10 best hair products for short, medium and long hair styles.

1. Hair Wax

Our favorite hair styling wax for short and medium dry hai. 

Best hair styling wax for men 2019

Paul Mitchell Dry Wax

This is one of the most used and trending hair styling product all around the world. Wax is perfect for short and medium length of hairs, it gives your hairs that solid hold and low to medium shine.

This is my everyday go to hair styling product, i mostly keep my hairs short or medium.

Hair Wax comes in all 3 low, medium, or maximum-hold options.

Here is a list of famous hairstyles that can be done with wax:

  • Low Bald Fade with Line Up and Buzz Cut
  • High Bald Fade with Spiky Hair and Design
  • Undercut Fade with Faux Hawk and Beard
  • Low Taper with Angular Crop and Beard
  • Any Spiky Hairstyle

This is a must have hair styling product for every men, unless you are bald.

2. Cream 

Our favorite hair styling cream of 2019

best hair styling cream for men 2019
American Crew Hair Styling Cream

If you have long hairs, cream is a must have product in your hair styling kit. Cream is the best option for all those who loves natural hairstyles. It gives that natural shine with low hold. Just like almighty Thor’s hairstyle in first part of the movie.

Unlike Wax and other hair styling products, cream gives that flexibility to your hairs without making them stiff. Highly recommended product for medium to long hairs.

List of trending long hair hairstyles for men, that can be achieved using cream.

  • Disconnected Undercut with Textured Slick Back
  • Slicked Back Undercut with Beard ( might need to use a little wax)
  • Top Knot
  • Ponytail
  • Long Comb Over + Undercut

There are many more hairstyles for men that requires cream. It’s highly recommended product for guys with long hairs.

3. Pomade

Our favorite Pomade for men in 2019

AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade
AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade

Yes, that’s right! Pomades are great for special occasions. Guys have been using pomades from decades. Pomades used to be very slicky and oily but modern pomades are great, they are water based and gives natural shine with low to high hold.

Pomade is perfect for adding a little texture to a short hairstyle or adding shine to long hairstyles.

You can use pomade for short, medium and long hairs. Pomade should be used with towel dry hairs, not completely dried and not too wet.

4. Gel

Our favorite hair gel for men in 2019

Johnny B Mode  Hair Styling Gel

Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

You need to be extra careful when buying hair gel! There are way too many hair gel brands and most of them are complete garbage(yes, i said that). Ever noticed guys with those extra shiny hairs and oily face?

I personally don’t like hair gel as i find them very sticky(flaking), we men like to touch our hairs (setting them and stuff) through out the day, imagine that gel coming all over hand and face. Nasty business!

However, there are some good quality hair gel for men that can be very useful to put on that extra shine and hardness to your hairstyle.

5. Clay

Our favorite hair-styling clay for men in 2019

Smooth Viking's Hair Styling Clay for Men
Smooth Viking’s Hair Styling Clay for Men

Clay is trending hair styling product for men. It’s gives you that perfect medium hold and light shine.

Use clay for loose, re-workable and relaxed hairstyles. It’s a popular hair-styling product among guys., you can wear anything on your head and set the hairs again after you take head-wear (headphones, hat, cap, helmet etc.) off.

6. Fiber

Our favorite hair styling fiber for men in 2019

Smooth Viking's Hair Styling Fiber for Men 2019
Smooth Viking’s Hair Styling Fiber for Men

Are you into messy hairstyles? Fiber is your best option! Fiber gives your hair that messy look, it gives you high hold with matte finish that stays through out the day.

Fiber is one of the best dry hair styling product.

It should be used on completely dry and clean hairs. This is hairstylist’s favorite hair product.

You can use it for short and medium hairs and styles, fiber can also be used with long hairs with a little cover up of clay.

7. Hair Spray

Our favorite hair styling spray for men in 2019

Sebastian Re-Shaper hair spray for men

Hair spray is an essential item for men’s hair styling kit. I must say, it’s a very useful product.

A medium hold hair spray touch up is very helpful to keep your hairstyle set for the day.

It’s a lot more than a touch up product, It’s a life saver for me when i am in hurry or getting late for work. You can set your hairs quickly with hair spray, my favorite hair styling product.

8. Putty

Our favorite hair styling putty for men in 2019

Redken Men Outplay Putty for men
Redken Men Outplay Putty
Check on Amazon

Putty is similar to clay, wax, fiber but it’s not the same.

This is the best option for short hair guys, it gives that strong hold with less shine. If you just got a new short haircut, you can use putty and once your hair grows to medium, just switch to other options like wax, clay or fiber.

You can use it with towel dried hairs but, drying your hairs with hair-dryer is recommended for better results and strong hold.

9. Paste

Our favorite messy look hair styling paste for men in 2019

AXE Messy Look Hair Paste Flexible 2019

AXE Messy Look Hair Paste Flexible

Paste works something like gel but without that high shine and stickiness, it’s completely shine free with strong hold. Unlike gel, paste allows your to re-style your hairs throughout the day.

There are 2 ways to style your hairs with paste:

  • It will add texture and definition to short and medium hairstyles when you apply it on completely dried hairs (Using hair dryer).
  • If you apply it on towel-dried hair, it gives your that re-styling touchable hairstyle.

Every guy should own paste in their hair styling kit.

10. Curl Cream

Our favorite curl cream for curly hairstyle in 2019

Royal Locks Curly Hair Cream 2019

Royal Locks Curly Hair Cream

For guys with curly hairs, curl cream is much better than using other hair products. Curl cream defines your hairs with more texture and hold them nicely.

Using a good quality cream will gives your hairstyle nice natural look without ever feeling greasy, heavy, or sticky.

Curl cream is more effective when using on towel dry hair.


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