10 Best Healthy Vegan Foods For Fitness Lover

woman eating healthy meal

Are you ready to prepare yourself top 10 vegan fitness foods?

Lentil spinach curry

spinach lentil curry vegan

This is definitely a nutritional curry that carries more than 8 ounces of fresh spinach leaves. The dish is rich in protein. And, it carries all the essential minerals and vitamins. It is best served with coconut rice.

Pumpkin chili

pumpkin chili vegan fitness food

This is yet another dish that is filled with protein. It is both affordable and simple. It uses a spice mix to adjust the quantity and heat.

Tofu quiche

tofu quiche fitness vegan recipe

This dish features 10 different ingredients. It is known for its gluten free nature. The tofu features a hash brown crust. And, it is extremely easy to prepare.

BBQ Couscous Bowl

BBQ Couscous Bowl fitness vegan food

When you are absolutely health conscious, you will find the couscous bowl handy. It is topped with BBQ sauce, crispy tofu and broccoli. It makes a great treat during lunch hours. Curried couscous takes time to prepare. But, it is worth the time.

Chickpea frittata

Chickpea frittata healthy food recipe

Those who want a replacement for eggs find the chickpea useful. The chickpea can be used to replace the eggs in many ways. In fact, chickpea flour can be used to prepare delicious omelets too.

Tuscan Bean Soup

Tuscan Bean Soup recipe for fitness

The list of vegan fitness foods will be incomplete without the Tuscan bean soup. This is a nutritional meal that hails from Italy.The soup is rich in herbs, greens and vegetables. The tender texture is due to the pressure cooker.


tempeh recipe fitness food

This is a sweet and sour dish. The tempeh is best enjoyed with rice. It features very little sauce. And is loaded with fresh pineapples. The dish doesn’t feature any sugar.

Lentil dhal

An affordable and delicious protein would be the red lentils. It lasts for a very long time and, and is simple to prepare. The red lentil dhal is best enjoyed alone, with rice, quinoa or even steam greens.

Sweet potatoes

When you want a vegan breakfast, you will find the sweet potatoes useful. Mix sweet potatoes with nuts, raisins, seeds and blueberries. This meal is rich in protein. And, can be enjoyed at anytime in your day.

Banana oatmeal

Last but certainly not the least, you can opt for the gluten-free banana oatmeal. It is an easy, creamy and scrumptious dish. The recipe is rich in vitamin B6, potassium and proteins.This is definitely a great snack and a breakfast option.


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