10 Best Men’s Fashion Tips to Elevate your Style


Style is an individual expression of self. It’s about how you want to present yourself. But society has a way of imposing rules, and when it comes to fashion, it can often feel like there are certain unwritten laws that men should follow. Well, we’re here to tell you that societal rules should not stand in your way.

Whether you have a closet filled with designer labels, or you prefer vintage threads and thrift-store finds, your clothes are a form of self-expression. And while there is nothing wrong with taking some style tips from the pros – we all do it –, we think that the rules you follow should be your own rules. Consider this your permission slip to live life on your terms and dress for yourself.

But if you need some inspiration to get started, here are some of our top style tips for men that will help elevate your wardrobe.

1. Invest in quality clothing

If you want to elevate your style, then you need to start investing in quality clothing. Don’t buy cheap, poor quality garments that will wear out after a few washes. Buy from reputable brands or designers who produce high-quality men’s clothes. It may be tempting to buy that shirt for $10, but it’ll fall apart soon and cost you more in the long run. Investing in quality clothing will mean you’ll look better and feel more confident.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things

If there’s one thing all stylish men do well, it’s trying something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cuts and styles that show off your personality. Don’t be afraid to wear garments that other people think look weird. When it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

3. Invest in a quality watch

No matter how many articles of clothing you own, your style often feels incomplete without the proper finishing touches. Accessories are an easy way to add a little flair to any outfit. That said, invest in a quality watch if you want to elevate your style.

There’s no better way to complete an outfit than with the perfect timepiece. No matter how many different styles of watches exist, there are only two main varieties: analog and digital. Analog watches have hands and use Roman numerals, Arabic numerals or stick indices (no numbers) to show the time. Digital watches display the time using numbers.

4. Wear a loafer every now and then

Loafers are a great shoe for men who are looking for something dressy but don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. They can also be worn with jeans or slacks and look great either way. So next time you’re getting dressed in the morning, consider reaching for a pair of loafers instead of sneakers, or even dress shoes if you don’t have much time.

5. Add a little flair to outfit with cufflinks

Cufflinks are no longer just for formal events — they’re now a stylish accessory for everything from business casual to everyday wear in the office. Cufflinks are made from a variety of materials, such as metal or glass, and come in an assortment of shapes and colors. They need to be paired with French cuffs on a dress shirt in order to work correctly.

6. Find a signature style

Find a signature style that suits you best and make it your own. Don’t just follow the latest trends for the sake of following trends. If you’re into street wear, then embrace street wear. If you’re into retro looks like James Dean or Steve McQueen, then rock those looks. Find a style that works for you and recreate it so it’s unique to you. This will help you develop a personal brand and allow people to recognize your sense of fashion easily. It’s also a great way to have fun with fashion as it allows you to tap into your creativity each time you wear something different.


7. Wear your fit, not your size

You know what they say: “clothes make the man.” But I believe it’s the other way around – men make their clothes. If you’ve ever bought a suit or shirt that’s too big for you, or too small for that matter, it shows – and not in a good way. The same goes for wearing clothes that are out of style or worn out.

Fit is the most important factor when buying clothes. It’s more important than style, price or even material. If you buy a high quality suit that fits well, you can wear it to a wedding, funeral and job interview. If you buy a suit that doesn’t fit very well — even if it’s a bespoke luxury suit — you’ll look like a mess and will be uncomfortable.

Whether you’re buying off the rack or getting something custom made for you, make sure it fits well in the shoulders and sleeves, has enough room in the chest, drapes nicely over your waist and is long enough to cover your backside.

8. Tweak your style to match the occasion

Make sure what you wear matches the occasion you are dressing up for. There is no point having an amazing bespoke suit if you turn up to a beach party with it on. There is also no point rocking up to a formal event in shorts and flip flops. Make sure your clothes fit the occasion and that you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Nothing looks worse than seeing someone looking uncomfortable in their clothes.

9. Wear clothes that fit your body type

Sometimes the problem isn’t how big an item of clothing is – it’s how long or short it is. Shirts and trousers that are too long can make even the most well-dressed man look sloppy and frumpy. Ones that are too short can make him look like a child who raided his father’s closet in a rush to get ready for school.

10. Dress for your body type

The most important thing when it comes to dressing well is knowing what looks good on you. While everyone has their own style preference, being aware of how certain items fit or flatter your body type is crucial for looking great.

If you’re not sure what looks best on you, try to figure out what your body type is. Most people are a combination of two types: an X Body Type (broad shoulders and narrow hips), V Shape (wide shoulders and narrow waist), A Shape (narrow shoulders and wide waist), H Shape (shoulders and hips of the same width with a relatively undefined waist), or O Shape (equal measurements at each part of the body).

Use that knowledge to find pieces that suit your body type best. This is key for looking good in what you wear.


I hope you have found these tips useful. All that is left to do now is to implement them into your own life and start making the most of your fashion style. Remember that style isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out. If you want to be fashionable, then you need to go out there and make your own fashion trends. Don’t be afraid to take risks. That’s where all the magic happens.


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