10 best men’s sunglasses trends 2022


It is necessary for men of all ages to stay with the current fashion trend to be the center of attraction. With the covid-19 pandemic subsiding, people are slowly getting back to work and the roads again filled with traffic and pedestrians. With summer already here, it is high time you checked the latest sunglass trends. They have rather become a must-have accessory to protect the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. They are also classy, utterly chic and modern. Choosing the right one is sure to transform even an ordinary looking man into a top fashionista! Trends have changed over the years. Mere sunglasses have managed to transform itself to something teeny tiny \like covering the eyes’ pupils from extravagant frames.

  • All-In-Black Sunglasses:

These glasses are hot collection and not likely to hurt sunglass sensation or fashion sentiment. They are 2022’s favorite trend and among the most purchased ones. Black is indeed a mystery and offers certainty, something that is not possible with other glasses. Its futuristic designs and striking appeal is what makes it a favored glass among men who would like to appear stylish. When all-black sunglasses are concerned, you can choose your luxury buys ranging from Balmain to Bogetta and Balenciaga.

  • Aviator Sunglasses:

Many men tend to ask this question, “Is Aviator sunglasses in style even in 2022?” A big ‘Yes’. Aviators have always been popular glasses and have already cemented its position since its popularity started way back in the 1980s. Aviators, for over 41 years now, have managed to retain its class and funk. It also is in vogue due to its roguish charm. In 2022, Aviators are expected to be found in a refined form with its teardrop lenses and sleek thin wireframes. Your prevailing lavish collection should include the new modern aviators to prep that casual appearance and sporty looks. Such vintage sunglasses do assure to provide that timeless, classy appeal.

  • Round Sunglasses:

They are another favorite trend incorporated in this list. The leading brands like Saint Laurent, Gucci and Prada, etc. have been reviving this trend lately. You can now get hold of color popped extravagant glasses to those tinted and frameless types. For every perfect man, there is present a perfect looking round sunglass pair that will make a great choice. Besides being easy, they can offer that classy, clean look with some drama overdose.

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses:

On making an entry into the fashion world, these sunglasses have remained cemented in its place. It has only evolved to become trendier and encompassing that it was the previous year. 2022 is expected to witness an elevated cat eye sunglass form having pop colors and larger frames. The world’s leading luxury brands have been reviving this particular trend. This means, you can select one that fits perfectly your individual taste and style. If you desire a flair and trendy outlook, then you are sure to love this collection.

  • Colored Sunglasses:

This 2022, sunglasses and colors are expected to witness a much more synergized evolution. From neon pinks to blinding whites, the different vibrant sunglass colors this year are sure to amaze you. Both frames and glasses are expected to undergo creative expansion the world over. This means, you can choose a colored glass that will go well with your style.

  • Square Sunglasses:

This year, this type of sunglasses is expected to make a wonderful comeback with a new avatar. Having extravagant square shape, the pops and color gradients are likely to provide a fashion statement. The right selection is sure to make heads to turn. Squared sunglasses do make a wonderful collection for men with round face.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses:

Wayfarers followed Aviators and gained popularity in the modern fashion world very quickly. They can prove to be an amazing choice if you desire not to wear metal frames. Rather, this type offers lens with a modern shape. These sunglasses have round edges and square like appearance to evoke casual appearance. You may choose Arnette sunglasses that are created from sustainable materials like bio-based plastic. Purchasing these glasses will allow you to be a part of those trying to preserving nature.

  • Gradient Lenses Sunglasses:

This type of sunglasses is expected to witness a profound market the current year. Gradual lightening shade present near the bottom combined with the top dark is what provides that striking appeal and vintage flamboyance. Trendy hits can steal those monochrome looks while being a hit play in the future.

  • Oval Sunglasses:

These sunglasses come with oval frames to provide rounded appearance. However, when width is concerned, they are more generous when compared to its length. Thus, they do cover the whole eye comfortably to offer optimum sun protection. Such lenses are considered to be the perfect choice for each and every occasion that you wish to celebrate, be it casual or smart. They also appear incredibly stylish as it has one color tone and thicker frames. Wearing the oval sunnies is sure to make you seem classy and care-free!

  • Clubmaster Sunglasses:

Clubmasters is known to have a specific framing type that tends to separate these glasses from the other available styles in the market. Generally, the frame is designed to be fitted on the lens’ top half while not wrapping surrounding the bottom half. They were a popular choice between 1950’s and 60s. Back then, these glasses were referred to as ‘Browline Sunglasses’. However, they are not much known to catch much attention like other shaped glasses do. But, you do get a wonderful frame choice to make from, especially if you plan to use different colors.

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