10 Best Strength Interval Workouts to Burn Fat Fast: HIIT Workout

10 Best Strength Interval Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

Top 10 best strength interval exercises of all time

High-intensity interval training, shortly known as HIIT, aims at promoting the overall health of a person to a large extent. The training involves certain exercises that help improve strength and endurance effectively that help to live a healthy life. However, it is necessary to know how to perform interval workouts properly because they show methods to minimize unwanted problems. Those who want to know more about the best strength interval workouts can search for the details online and other sources to gain more ideas.

Here are some top 10 strength interval workouts recommended for those who want to keep their health in good condition.

1. Jumping rope

jumping rope HIIT workout

Jumping rope is one of the best strength interval workouts that can increase metabolism. Doing jumping rope daily will result in more advantages to a person allowing him/her to lead a healthy life. Some of them include weight loss, body flexibility, mental health improvement, skin glowing, bone strengthening,heart health, etc.

2. Burpees

fit woman doing burpees

Burpees are a challenging strength interval workout that works well on muscle groups on the body to obtain optimal results. They are a combination of a push-up and a leap in the air that will help experience the desired outcomes. The exercise is a full-body workout that provides methods to build muscle strength and endurance significantly. Anyone who wants to know how to perform the exercise can get tips from experts to overcome unwanted problems.

3. Pull-ups

pull ups High intensity workout fat loss

Pull-up is a great interval training exercise for building upper body strength. At the same time, one should consider doing pull-ups on a bar or machine to avoid injuries and other issues. Doing pull-ups will also help to shape the body effectively. Moreover, they promote the physical health of a person enabling him/her to accomplish goals with high success rates.

4. Flutter kicks

flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are high-intensity workouts that work on core muscles and one can perform them by lying his/her back. The next step is to flutter down legs up and down by using the core which helpsto gain more advantages. When done correctly, the exercise enables people to strengthen their core which ultimately gives ways to maintain health in good condition.

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5. Push-ups

woman doing push ups

Push-ups are one of the best exercises for building upper body strength. They allow a person to do the same anywhere without using any equipment. This is the fundamental strength interval workout that paves ways to undergo major changes in bodybuilding process. Another advantage of performing a push-up is that it contributes more to improve muscle strength by addressing essential needs.

6. Stair running

stair running HIIT workout

Stair running is a strength interval workout that targets many muscles in the body. At the same time, it is not recommended to perform the activity for not more than an hour. Although stair running is a food exercise for muscle strength, one should consider carrying out the same with more care to prevent slipping and other problems.

7. Plank jacks

HIIT workout for fat loss

Plank jacks are strength workouts that work well on both the lower body and upper body muscles efficiently. They play an important role in increasing core strength and stability. Moreover, they show methods to burn calories enabling a person to reduce excess weight. One can perform a plank without jumping his/her legs out to the legs. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully when doing the exercise that provides ways to get the desired outcomes.

8. Mountain climbers

woman doing mountain climber exercise

Mountain climber makes feasible ways to experience a total-body workout because it helps to get benefits with just one exercise. This exercise is the right one for enhancing core strength, agility, and endurance enabling a person to focus more on his/her goals. Performed from a plank position, people can add this exercise to their daily workout at home or gym. Mountain climbers improve heart health since they are cardio exercises.

9. Star jumps

star jumps HIIT workout

Star jump is another strength workout that involves compound movements. The primary benefit of this exercise is that it gives ways to increase muscle strength. Furthermore, it is possible to burn calories after performing star jumps properly. Anyone who wants to target their gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and deltoids can do this exercise because it helps to keep maintain health in a perfect state.

10. Dumbbell squat and press

dumbbell squat and press high intensity exercise for fat loss

The dumbbell squat and press is a strength interval workout that helps to build power and strength in muscles. It plays an important role in increasing upper body strength and core stability. At the same time, dumbbells are necessary for doing this activity and one should know how to carry out the exercise correctly. The exercise paves ways to target the quadriceps muscles in the thighs and buttocks. While doing dumbbell squats and press, one should consider choosing dumbbells of a weight accurately to complete the activity without any difficulties.


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