10 Gym Essentials You Should Always Carry In Your Gym Bag

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10 Gym Bag Essentials For Modern Man And Women In 2019

To have a wonderful and result oriented pre & post gym experience, you need to hit the gym with the right equipments and accessories. Here is the list of 10 workout essentials to carry in your gym bag.

10. Smart watch/Smartphone

Garmin Forerunner 35 Smart Watch

There is no need to take along different types of gadgets as the smartphone or smart watch does the same job. You can now listen to your favorite music and track your workouts, use it as stopwatch and avail numerous functions with a single click. You simply need to download few great apps to improve your workout session.

9. SmartShake

ProStak SmartShake System

After exercising, you need to refuel yourself to enjoy optimized effects and to recover properly. The best way to achieve this is to have shakes which can be stored in a SmartShake. They are multi-functional, airtight and have three storage compartments to keep tablets, supplements and fruits cut in small pieces. This is the most essential gym bag item for me and i always keep it clean in my gym bag.

8. Hand sanitizer

Hand Santz Wipes

The gym can be a disgusting place and the sweaty equipments may result in infections, genital warts and viruses, if you do not take care of yourself. It is not just practical to wear hazmat suit for performing workouts. Carrying hand sanitizer is a great idea and it should be used liberally. This is something i always carry in my gym bag.

7. Hair kit

The hair kit when used can help you to skip washing and styling your hair, if you desire so. You need to have bottle of favorite dry shampoo, elasticized headband, styling product and few sturdy clips. With these accessories, tie hair back using few gym friendly hair-do’s which will not give you kinks or dents in the hair.

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6. Foam Roller

fit woman using TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

In case, you experience muscle pain while performing workouts at the gym, then a foam roller can be a wonderful investment. It is a simple, but highly effective self-massage device which applies pressure on the problem area after and before exercises. Steady rolling motion combined with moderate pressure is to be applied over targeted area.

5. Moisturizers

After finishing your workout, it is necessary to use a decent moisturizer to nourish your skin. Experts also recommended using a lip balm, face and body moisturizer. It is better to use products containing natural ingredients. Use rehydrating conditioners and shampoos to wash your hair.

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4. Weight lifting gloves

Fit man lifting kettlebell wearing weight lifting gloves black

If you lift weights, then interrupting a set can be really annoying, especially on losing grip. With weight lifting gloves, this issue can be alleviated as it offers a more solid grip, when compared to using bare hands. It also absorbs some pressure on the wrists and hands.

3. Filtered water bottle

Embrava Best Sports Filtered Water Bottle

It can help you to stay hydrated and are free from harmful germs and viruses that may be otherwise present in ordinary water. With this investment, you can filter tap water, thereby deriving tasty, pure water and be hydrated all the time.

2. Gym towel

Microfiber Gym Towels

Avoiding own sweat and that of other people around can be a never ending struggle at the gym. The gym towel can help you to wipe the equipments prior to their usage or to sit upon. There are available exclusive gym towel created with zip pocket. They can be used to store valuables and your phone.

1. Padlock

Unfortunately, you may lose something or the other at the gym as no place is safe. It can be high-tech clothing, gadgets or money. The tiny lock that is used on the gym lockers is not likely to provide adequate protection. A heavy duty padlock is sure to do the trick and keep your belongings safe and away from prying eyes.

Overall, the above accessories are a must carry in the gym bag when going out to the gym.


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