10 Most Common Mustache Trimming Mistakes and How to Fix

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10 mustache trimming mistakes most men make

Men are growing mustaches for centuries although the styles were different at different times. Later on, the trend of mustache became disappear and the boys preferred a full clean face. But we all know that trends change after some years, so mustaches are again in the race. It looks very good on men. Even in some areas, people say that “if a man doesn’t have mustaches, he has nothing”. This shows the importance of mustaches for some men.

As men experiment with different styles, in the same way, they also do experiments with the mustaches. So, there are many styles of mustaches and can look different from men to men. Here are some mistakes that a man can make while trimming mustaches.

Not trimming them in a right shape

As every man has his facial structure, so specific style of mustaches will be suitable for his face. If you see a mustache style on someone and you like it that cannot look the same on you because of your face shape. So first, know your face type and then trim mustaches according to that.

Trimming wet mustaches

It might be the biggest mistake while trimming mutsaches. It is because the length of wet and dry hair is different. So when you trimmustaches, it will worsen their shape. So always trim your mustaches dry, before going to shower.

Not washing mustaches before trimming

It is very necessary to wash your mustache with shampoo and conditioner just like your head hair. It also contains many dirt and dust particle that makes it messy. So if you trim your mustaches without washing, you cannot get the exact shape that you want. So firstly, make them dirt-free and remove oil, then trim it. Else than trimming, it is also recommended to wash your mustaches thrice or four times a week.

Don’t trim in the right direction

Always remember that during trimming place your trimmer in diagonal shape nor horizontal shape. Horizontal trimming will not support the shape of your face and lips so the over-all look will be disturbed. If you shave your mustache hair diagonally toward the crease of lips, it will give a more natural look.

Don’t trim mustaches properly

Some men just trim the mustache from the sides and upward direction and skip the lower part. It is very wrong because grown hair from that portion will enter your mouth. It is not only bad hygienically but will also irritate you. This will also look very bad that when you are talking or earing, your mustaches hair enters in your mouth.  So, always clear your lips area while trimming the mustaches. Don’t make them thin by removing so much hair and make “Charlie” look but trim them in the right way to prevent hair from entering the mouth.

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Not using the right products

Keeping mustaches is not a kid’s play. You have to take care of them properly. You will have to buy some products that are suitable for mustaches. Buy a good moisturizer and apply it on your mustaches, it will strengthen it and help in hair growth. Moisturising will also hydrate your skin so will also prevent dandruff and itching caused due to hair. In the same way, buy a good conditioner ad shampoo for your mustaches and beard. If your hair growth is less in mustaches, then you also can buy a good serum or a mustaches oil.

Ignoring nose hair

confused-man-trying-tweezer-hair-nose-mustache grooming

Ignoring the upper line of mustaches will also be a big mistake while trimming our mustaches. The upper-line hair will look like nose hair and will look very bad. You can remove the hair from that part using a razor. Remove the hair not only from the line but try to cut your nose hair with scissors too.  It will give a more clean and groomed look.

Trimming too thin

When someone is unprofessional, he may trim extra hair from mustaches that will look very funny. So be careful while trimming mustaches and don’t make them too thin.

Not using a product for setting mustaches

Often you see that the mustaches of many men are very untidy. The air spread in different directions that look very bad. To get full-groomed mustaches, buy a gel or wax. Apply a little amount of that to your mustaches and shape it with your fingers by pinching at the end and twisting it. A gel or wax is very necessary for twisting the mustaches because it will secure the twist for a long time. So invest in a good mustaches gel or wax and use that.

Delaying mustaches trimming

It is a very bad habit to trim your mustaches and then forget it for months. It will make it difficult to trim hair next time because of excessive hair growth. So make a routine of mustaches trimming and do it weekly or at least 3 times a week.


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