10 Most Trending Casual Suit Outfit Ideas For men 2021

10 Most Trending Casual Suit Outfit Ideas For men 2021

Top 10 Casual Suit Trends For Men Right Now

Where casual suit types, designs and styles for men are concerned, the trends tend to vary from time. The change can be due to a change in overall fashion, the types of fabrics that are more in fashion at the moment etc. Here are top 10 casual suit trends for men that you will love to know about.

1. Slim Fit Suit

handsome man walking footpath slim casual terndy suit outfit

Excess fabrics are done away with in this trend. This is a form-fitting and stylish suit that is narrow at the waist and chest, and can suit men of different body types. The suit comes in various color options, such as Black, Deep Navy and Geyser Grey. Typically, it comes in a more casual style and despite being narrow in form, does not constrict the flow of blood.

2. Classic Fit Suit

classic fit modern men casual suit outfit idea

This is the kind of style that would appeal to men who do not like to overthink the fashion quotient. It has an unfettered design and comes with a comfy feel. It is a popular trend and there is perfect breathability with no compromise in comfort or design. You can wear this to the office or sport it along with chinos to get that wonderful casual look for the weekend. There is nothing unkempt or loose about this style, which explains why it is regarded as a ‘classic’. This is a kind of trend that always stays in fashion.

3. Modern Fit Suit

modern fit casual suit men

It is a style that falls between classic fit and slim fit, and can easily be reflective of your great sartorial sensibility. You can get a tight appearance without feeling constrictive. This is a modern  styled suit that can match any type of outfit, whether dressy or casual. You can choose the blue color option.

4. Unstructured Suit / Blazer

unstructured stylish casual suit men 2021

It is the kind of style that is a little more comfortable and casual, and is perfect for men who prefer a more laid-back style. It is best that you match this kind of suit with chinos or jeans. This is a lightweight style which is spacious enough to match extra layers of clothing beneath. It is a refined clothing piece that can mold to the shape of your body. You can get a more natural drape and have a fit that is more relaxed. It can be a perfect choice all round the year.

5. Patch Pocket Suit / Blazer

patch pocket suit outfit idea men 2021

It has been created from a separate clothing piece and is stitched to the blazer / sports jacket exterior. Patch pockets, similar to the unstructured blazer, are a perfect way to make casual style more personal. These are casual blazers in a modern style, and can complement fashionable but understated winter or autumn outfit very perfectly. It comes in many color options, such as Charcoal, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Navy and Navy Glen Plaid.

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6. Peak Lapel

peak lapel casual suit trendy outfit style men

You would require a suit having a peak lapel, in case you are in search of a style that is slightly more formal. This kind of lapel is slightly more progressive in style, as compared to other varieties. This is also the costliest suit lapel type. You can get an elongating effect with this peak lapel, when eyes are shifted up to the shoulders. It is ideal for those who want to look a little taller.

7. Centre Vent

centre vent style suit ideas for men

This is a basic option, which makes it ideal for slimmer men. Suits of this type of design is more affordable, and also among the most popular. This kind of style can make you feel more confident. It is perfectly tailored to the body. However, it does not admit much motion.

8. Side Vent

side vent suit outfit men

It is the right option for men who are modern and exude a lot of style. This kind of vent is befitting for most men, as you can get a look that is long and more streamlined in form. Its middle section can give greater shape to the body, and can also permit flexibility under the waist. When you sit down, you have to experience less bunching, which is comfier – according to some men. However, it is costlier to create the side vent, which is a major negative point about this. 

9. No Vent

no vent casual style mens suit ideas

This one comes without any vent, and is ideal for shorter or slender men, as it happens to be extremely perfect in fitting. It is form-fitting and can make you look slimmer. This is more appropriate for special events and occasions. If you love style a little more than comfort, this can be a trend for you.

10. Brown Suits

brown suit men outfit ideas

No matter what one says, this is a fantastic shade. It is warm, serious and dark, and can match any type of skin tone. It is a good idea that you break your ensemble up with some complementary and light shades.


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