10 Most Trending Hawaiian Outfit Ideas for Men 2021

Mens Hawaiian Outfit Ideas 2021

Top 10 Hawaiian Outfits You Can Rock in 2021

A Pacific island chain, Hawaii is in the USA. This is a popular destination round the year, because of its temperate climate. The temperature can be expected to be in the range of 70 – 80 ° F. Here, the sun tends to shine quite brightly and the adjoining Pacific waters happen to be quite cold. Here are Top 10 Hawaiian Outfits You Can Rock in 2021.

1. Shorts

Hawaiian men's trendy shorts and aloha shirts outfit

When you go hiking in Hawaii, you would like to sport a wonderful top with a pair of athletic shorts. Beach volleyball and many other activities are popular in Hawaii, and you can easily participate in such types of sports wearing a pair of shorts. Black, red and blue are some of the popular colors that Hawaiian shorts are available in.

2. Red Hawaiian shirt with shorts

colorful hawaiian cool shirt and shorts outfit men

This is one of the coolest and most trending Hawaiian outfit for men right now, you will often see models and actors rocking this particular outfit in movies and real life. It does look amazingly cool Hawaiian outfit for men.

3. Sun-hats

Hawaiian outfit men with sun hats cool style

Black, brown and light blue are some of the colors that you may consider, with light blue making you look like a part of the blue waters of the Pacific.

4. Swimming trunks

mens swimming trunk Hawaiian outfit

You would like to wear this when you take part in water-sports activities in Hawaii. This is a great adventure destination and you can get ample opportunities for surfing, snorkeling with sea turtles and more. Swimming trunks can be one of the best options for you when it comes to wearing something for your water sports adventures. And which man does not like to visualize himself getting out of water in trunks, a la Daniel Craig in Casino Royale? If you have got the body, there is no better way to flaunt it than in a pair of swimming trunks.

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5. Floral shirts

mens Hawaiian outfit stylish floral shirts

When it comes to wearing something in Hawaii, floral pieces happen to be among the best apparels to choose from. For contrasting with the scenery as well as for getting the tropical vibes, the floral theme is worth going for. Whether for a photo shoot on the beach or a fancy dinner, the floral shirt can be one of the best outfits that you can go for.

6. Aloha shirts

aloha shirt mens hawaiian outfits

You can wear it for a drinks party, dinner party, date etc. An Alohan shirt with short sleeves can be ideal for a day out. These are highly flattering and trendy. The flab on your tummy and waist can stay hidden with this shirt. An Alohan shirt can be paired with Bermuda or shorts. For cooler nights, a shirt with long sleeves can be a great match. A traditional Polynesian celebration, the Luau is a time of great festivities – including dancing, live music and foods. This is when you can rock the scene in any of these types of shirts. During wedding occasions in Hawaii, these are among the best dresses that you can sport.

7. Printed fabric shirts

mens stylish Hawaiian outfit fabric print shirt men

These are sexy and fun, and can bring out the charming side of men. Even women can wear the ones designed for females. These shirts can be a great way to hide the unpleasant tan lines in the body. Pair these with cargo pants and sandals or flip flops. The choice is yours. And of course, wear a sunhat to complete the look.

8. Short jacket

short jacket with hawaiian shirt outfit men

If the weather takes a dip, you would like to have something to draper over the shoulders. When you stand close to the water, it can often feel quite cool or chilly. You will look nice with a short jacket on top. You can complete your swimsuit look with a Hawaiian hat.

9. Hawaiin Bermuda Shorts

Hawaiian bermuda shorts outfit trends 2021

These can be absolutely perfect for going out to the beach, or having a beach volleyball party or having a sip or two at the bar nearby. These are great for men and kids, and even women can have Bermuda shorts with Hawaiian print on them. Whatever comes your way, you can be more or less prepared for it in these types of shorts. Team these up with nice sandals or flip-flops. Suede or Patent leather can be a great option.

10. Graphic tee

Dwayne johnson wearing printed hawaiian tee stylish

This can be a cute and comfortable dress, and can make you look very stylish. You will look great and make a nice style statement with it. You can sport a graphic tee with a pair of cargo pants, and team the look with a backpack and sandals or flip-flops or even a pair of sneakers if you like. This can also be a nice excursion outfit for you and prepare you for all those activities that do not actually involve activities.

When it comes to what to wear in Hawaii, these outfit ideas can take care of most of your needs. Choose the ones that match your personality and style, and rock the scene!


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