10 Most Trending Shorts For Men Right Now

latest shorts summer outfit trends for men 2021

Top Ten Shorts Fashion Trends, Men Need to Be Aware of

Well, you should be aware of what men shorts mean. In fact, if you are reading this post, you could be aiming to buy a short that falls

in line with modern fashion trends. Over the past few years, shorts have changed drastically. You have so many inspiring styles to choose from. And, some of these shorts are absolutely irresistible. They can add more value to your look, and ensure that you grab all the attention in the room.

There are so many interesting types of shorts in the industry. To be honest, you have hundreds of variations to pick from. With this being said, let’s walk through ten of the town’s most stunning shorts for men.

Denim Shorts

handsome man walking street wearing denim shorts tshirt shades

Undeniably, the denim shorts are everyone’s favorite kind. These shorts can keep you casual, and cozy. They are best worn with simple tees. Of course, there is no harm in wearing denim shorts with “bold”, “bright” tees.

Casual Shorts

attractive man wearing casual shorts tredy outfit

As suggested by its name, these are simple shorts that come in different shades. Most of the time, you will find casual shorts in solid colors. This includes dark brown, black, and even maroon.

Printed Shorts

stylish man wearing printful fashion shorts

The trend of wearing printed shorts will never disappear. These are old beasts, in the world of shorts. Most of the time, you will come across men who wear cartoon prints on their shorts. When paired with Oxford shirts, these shorts can make you look extremely smart.

Shorts with Cuffs or Turn Ups

cuffed shorts outfit trending men

Next in line would be the shorts with cuffs, or turn ups. These are often recognized as the dressier version of shorts. They add a little bit of detail, to make the wearer look much more dramatic. Of course, you need to be careful with the shirt, tee or blazer you pair with these shorts.

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Chinos Shorts

handsome guy wearing chinos shorts white sneakers

Chino shorts can be considered as the shorter version of khaki or chino pants. These were widely used by the US military officials, who were serving in the Philippines. Of course, if you are enjoying a vacation near the coastal borders, you can choose the chino shorts.

Tailored Shorts

men's tailored shorts outfit ideas

Tailored shorts can be considered as a failsafe choice. These are not the town’s most recent style. Even though these shorts are not original, they are extremely versatile. If needed, you can ask your tailor to engage in some customization too. This will refresh the look and feel of your tailored shorts.

Cargo shorts

cargo short wearing men

Cargo shorts were the de facto option for leg barers during the warm months of summer. However, these shorts suffered a lot! They turned into a lazy man’s go-to choice within a short span of time. The cargo shorts came back into style with the pockets.

The pockets made the shorts look much slimmer, and chic.

Plaid Shorts

handsome boy sitting model palid shorts

The plaid shorts are more or less equivalent to the pleated trousers. These shorts are known for having a flat front design. They come with a preppy twist, but a small stitching in the front. This makes it easier for men to wear the shorts on a beach too.

Bermuda Shorts

men's bermuda shorts trends

The Bermuda shorts are simple, and up to the knee level. These shorts are often worn during formal gatherings. In fact, you will find many men, who go to office wearing bermuda shorts. They can be carried off easily with a light sweater, or even a solid blazer.

Board Shorts

handsome men on the beach wearing broad shorts

Last in our list of shorts would be the board shorts. These were designed specially as swimwear. But, there should be nothing to stop you from wearing the board shorts on a regular basis. They look great on men who are well-dressed, and young.


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