10 Rules to Follow When Choosing Workout Outfit: Gym Clothing Guide

what to wear in the gym for men and women

What should you wear in the gym?

Three times a week to the gym (the minimum to achieve results) … A challenge in itself. When the weather is ready – and the days fly! -, quickly take on the first jogging pants that you will get. A t-shirt, and you’re done. And then hope that you don’t meet any acquaintances on the way to the gym!

Let’s face it, 99% of the people in the gym are there to look better. Whether the goal is to reduce the percentage of fat or increase muscle mass, people just want to look good and healthy without clothes, but of course also with clothes.

Tips for a successful workout/exercise outfit

  1. Go for quality sportswear so that you can move well and your skin can breathe well. Many sports brands use technologically developed materials that ensure that your clothing always feels dry and pleasant. A material such as cotton, on the other hand, gives you comfort and freedom of movement but retains moisture and can therefore feel heavy especially in the summer.

2. Go for clothes that make you feel good and beautiful but not too ‘body-conscious’. You should be able to move freely in the gym

3. Go for straight or beautifully fitting long pants in the winter, calf-long or half-long pants in the summer. In good weather and in case of ‘tight thighs’, short, nice-fitting pants can be a good alternative. A vertical stripe on the side makes your legs look longer.

4. Go for a nice fitted top that leaves your shoulders and arms free. In this way you can follow the movements you make with your upper body well and you will not be hindered in your movements.

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5. Make sure you wear a sports bra that gives your bosom sufficient support (do not underestimate this point!) And that fits your top in terms of model.

6. Always take a sweater with you to prevent catching cold after training. But also to give your outfit a finishing touch. Choose a nice sweater that fits your outfit and tie it – if you take it off – especially not around your butt! They can be seen, certainly in the gym!

7.A pair of cool athletic shoes is of course a must. But also make sure that they are of good quality and whether they are suitable for the sport that you practice. Get information at a specialist store or ask a trainer at the gym for advice. Make sure your footwear is clean.

8. Choose covered colors. Just like in everyday life, dark colors are also slimmer in the gym. Light colors give a summer feeling. Fresh and bright colors contribute to a cheerful feeling. Avoid ‘fleshy’ pink: definitely not a topper in the gym.

9. Always wear clean sportswear (you must have trained in the gym next to someone, not exactly fresh smoke – no fun!). After exercising, don’t forget to hang your things to dry immediately (or better yet: to wash!). Never leave your things in your bag. Throw away tops or sweaters with yellow sweat spots NOW à la minute! (yes, it happens to the best! And it certainly indicates that you have done your best) so that you will never be tempted to attract them again for ease.

10. Complete your outfit with awesome accessories, because especially the accessories complete your trendy outfit: a cool sports bag, a colorful strap on your wrist (even if you are not going to play tennis), a sporty hair band, a nice sports towel, an mp3 player according to the very latest model …

11. In short: pay attention to your sportswear and you will see that exercising will be much less difficult for you!


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