10 Shower Mistakes MOST Men Make



Showering is an important part of your everyday routine. You’ve been doing it your entire life. It’s the first grooming task you do in the mornings and the final one you do at night, every day. So, how come you still haven’t mastered it?

To be honest, most folks wouldn’t understand how to shower properly. We’re all stupid enough to make many mistakes while taking the bath.  That’s not to suggest we can’t learn from experiences and correct the frequent flaws that contribute to our dull hair and less-than-perfect complexion.

Let’s go right to the topic, shall we? Here are 10 shower blunders that most of you inadvertently make every day and should stop doing right now.

  1. Enjoying a Hot Shower

I enjoy a hot shower, but you must remember that when you take one, you are:

  • Your skin is becoming irritated.
  • The vital oils that preserve your glowing skin are being stripped away.

Cold showers can help you awaken, increase your attitude, boost your circulation, and strengthen your willpower. Taking a cold shower might potentially boost your stress resistance. If you don’t want to go all the way, take a mild shower instead of a blazing hot one.

  1. Try Not To Take Bath 4 to 5 Times

You are too tidy if you take shower 4 times every day unless you have a medicinal or life reason to do so.

The fact is that most of us are OK with bathing once a day. If you would not like to look similar to an alligator, leave a LITTLE natural oil on the skin. And, unless you’ve been drenched in perspiration, you only have to wash and clean your hair with shampoo every 2-3 days.

  1. Too Much Product, Too Much Lather

Less is almost usually more. Keep it in mind. Avoid using bar soap and body wash since the surfactant in these items will rob your skin’s natural oils. According to experts, a dime-sized quantity is sufficient to make a decent foam for full-body washing. For typical hair, a quarter-sized dose of shampoo and conditioner should suffice.


  1. Exfoliating More Than Is Required

The majority of us fall into the trap of using a facial or body cleanser regularly. Exfoliants should be used sparingly since you don’t want to deplete your skin of the germs it needs to battle pimples and dry patches. To maintain a blemish-free, smooth peel, doctors suggest brushing off dead skin cells 2 or 3 times each week.

  1. How to Avoid a Cold Water Blast

No, I’m not urging you to plunge into a frigid bath, but spraying your body with cold water before exiting the tub can help. Coldwater is thought to constrict your pores, preventing clogs and grime from entering.

  1. Grooming with Soap or Shower Gel

You must not use the same soap for cleaning every part of the body. Using the same body wash to wash your mug is a bad idea since these solutions only include components meant to eliminate dirt and impurities, whereas shaving foam or gel contains moisturizing agents that produce a smoother shave action in the bathtub.

  1. Ignoring Your Feet

Every day, your soles take a hammering. Not to mention that they sweat the most of anybody’s area and host some of the most noxious odor-causing germs. Don’t be scared to lavish them with attention. Scrubbing or bathing your feet with a gentle soap keeps fungus and other nasty microorganisms at bay. When finished, get in between your toes and completely dry off.

  1. The Moisturizing Process Is Stopped

They believe you should strike while the iron is hot. This is especially true when it comes to hydrating your skin after a shower because your skin maintains hydration for a little period.

  1. Inadequate Rinsing Etiquette

A single squirt of water on the hair will not remove the dirt and product accumulation on your domes. Learn how to properly rinse your hair. Begin with the first rinse to remove any grime from your hair. After brushing your hair with shampoo or conditioner, follow up with the second wash to deep cleanse it. Any evidence of dullness or scalp discomfort will detect the presence of any residual residue.

  1. Drying Off Your Body

Wiping too hard promotes hair fall and skin discomfort. Air-drying will not help since it produces parched skin. When you get out of the shower, pat your body down gently with a microfiber towel to soften it up. This keeps some moisture on the skin and adds hydration. Begin from the top of the hair and work down to your feet.


Overusing water, shampoo and conditioner can damage your hair. Also, avoid being for long in hot showers or showers. These are some of the top ways in which you can maintain good skin and hair. When you start following these habits, they will show great results for you.


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