10 Things Stylish Man Never Wear: Expectations vs. Reality


It is not that women are stylish and fashion conscious. Even men these days have developed a taste for fashion. There have emerged several designers and apparel brands targeting men of all ages. It is now easy to find something stylish to wear for different occasions, to work or for casual reasons. Whatever be it, the choice made should be a carefully researched one.

What should the stylish man avoid wearing?

  • Cargo Shorts:

Wearing them might make you to appear as a douche bag. Being functional, they are a favorite among all ages. But keeping items inside the shorts pockets will only make you appear asymmetrical. Hence, others tend to assume that you are unable to put together. Also, they are likely to think very less of you as an important person to deal with.

  • Sandals:

If used as it is or combined with socks, it might appear bad looking. Perhaps, they are favored by those who are more interested in outdoor stuff wear. But if you want to look stylish and enhance your external appearance, then wearing sandals will only make you less immature and unsmart. Also flip-flops are best avoided in public by every self-respecting man. It is best worn at the beach or the pool. You may instead find a shoe that is more stylish and airy. Punch-holed, perforated leather shoes can help you to look formal. Even linen absorbs moisture from the feet while being elegant looking.

  • Short socks:

Many men can be noticed to have hairy calves. Wearing short socks will not be a good choice for such men. Even if the hair is shaved, it will not be just appropriate to wear short socks. This is more so, if attending office or a business meeting. You may choose over-the-calf socks to pair with dress pants, trousers, long pants or a suit.

  • Pocket Square & Matching Tie:

It is generally available in sets in shiny, ugly stain. At times, they pre-tie ties or pre-fold pocket squares that can be clipped on. Wearing it might only make it appear cheap, like you are not aware of making the right choice. Wearing pocket square and a tie will only make you to appear dapper. But it is better to fold own pocket squares and tie own tie. In case, unsure to carry out the process, you can research about different tie knots as well as the tying methods. Also find out how pocket square should be folded the easy way.

  • Slogan T-shirts:

Wearing them will make you look like an adolescent of 13 years old. It will display that you are eager to express yourself, but not know how to do so. Besides appearing immature, others around you are likely to laugh at you. Many men prefer to wear t-shirts having slogans like ‘haters will hate’ and ‘douchebag’, etc. Be it in bold or plain colors, it is better to avoid wearing them in public. Rather, you may choose to talk or write to people, but in person.

  • Unbuttoned dress shirt wearing a necktie:

 This style will only make you appear sloppy. The main purpose of the tie is to provide you with an elegant and more dapper look. There is no practical or functional reason to wear a tie. Rather, having your shirt’s top button undone will only show that you simply don’t care about your look or want to improve your personality. If you plan to use a tie, then wear it properly or simply avoid it. If you feel uncomfortable or the weather is extremely hot, then remove your tie. Just roll it up and place it inside your pocket. Next, unbutton your buttons as it will look better.

  • Sports Jerseys:

 They are best worn if participating in any sporting event or to support to favorite team. If not, then wearing them will be completely inappropriate. It will only make you to feel quite immature. Rather, choose any other type apparel instead of a jersey.

  • Square-toed shoes:

These are generally part of the lower-end shoes found under $100. Moreover, they also appear ugly and show that you do not have any dressing sense. Some brands do offer square-toed shoes that come with a high price tag. Many men regard them as quality dress shoes. You can easily come across other brands that offer elegant, chisel toe or nice round toe.

  • Sports Sunglasses:

 These are mirrored sunglasses generally worn when going outdoors. They are also available in rainbow colors and will not appear good if paired with formal wear. Rather, select classic sunglasses that has withstood test of time. It can perhaps be Wayfarers, Aviators or something cool. It should complete your formal look.

  • Satin Silk Ties:

 This is not meant for day wear. You may perhaps desire some shine or something that can be worn to attend evening parties. But most of them found at Walmart stores or some cheaper outlets will not be suitable to be worn. They will only make others to feel that you fail to understand what style is all about. The striped ties offered in multi-colors are just plain ugly. It is better to avoid them. Rather, you may select a silk, cashmere or wool tie with some texture. A print or Jacquard weave also will go well. Find something more matte appearing timeless and can withstand test of time while making you appear dapper. Even vintage ties can work like magic at times. It may be old and not shiny. However, this classy pattern is sure to make you appear elegant and smart looking.

Getting to know what things may make you less stylish can help with your selection process. The right choice is essential to ensure enjoying getting attention from everyone around and be praised at for your selection. Being stylish also helps you to win favors at work and other places. Hence, when buying outfits & accessories, you may request someone experience to help make the right selection and enhance your personality.


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