10 Things Women Love On A Man

10 Things Women Love On A Man

10 things women finds attractive on a men

A good number of women are found to have some specific taste for men. Getting to know them and adhering to it will help you to impress the other gender. There are some things that most women find very attractive on men.

10 things that women love on men

Well fitted suits

Suits are high standard clothing meant for fancy events and business. You should dress on special occasions such as your wedding anniversary. Do ensure it is the right fit so as to be seen as someone successful and powerful.


You need to have better fragrance on your body, since women’s olfactory sense is crucial like visual ones. Choose a good product that suits your body.

Luxury watch

A good watch can do a lot. Women seem to look at the minute details and watches do say a lot pertaining to the man’s personal style.

Boxer briefs

These briefs tend to combine boxer shape while providing close fitting feel and experience of briefs. It does not chafe. They flatter your lower torso and appear as lean mini-shorts.

Pink color

To wear pink colored apparels, especially pastel pink, you do need to have lots of confidence. Women just love this boldness and pink is said to be related to positive emotions.

Stylish footwear

Your shoe can say many things pertaining to your personality and women do check out the details. Based on it, she can interpret several things about you. You can wear stylish brands to impress her.

Well fitted jeans

They are timeless pieces and are wearing well fitted ones is sure to impress the opposite gender. There are available several types, cuts and brands to choose from.


V-shape is what gives V-necks an upper edge. It is also versatile. Your cheekbones tend to appear wider when compared to your jawline due to this shape and you do display a strong appeal.

Cashmere sweaters

This lightweight wool provides amazing insulation and is also more fashionable and functional. Moreover, it adds plenty of softness, which is loved by women.

Fresh breath & great smile

Smiling can make you attractive and as someone with better health, trustworthiness and openness.

Women are sure to get interested in you, if you follow the above 10 things.


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