10 Ways to surprise your partner


You may be seeking unique ideas or gifts to surprise your man. It is perhaps time to be creative and come up with romantic, fun ideas that is sure to surprise your boyfriend or husband. The right selection and timing will make him to fall in deep love with you once again. The gift or idea that you select should make him crazy about you while being forever grateful. Men, unlike women don’t look at the amount of effort you may have put into the surprise.

10 effective ways to surprise your boyfriend/husband

  • Declaring love spontaneously:

Although men might not find it enormously stimulating, it might make a wonderful addition. Write a note on what you like about him, how he is attractive, etc. and keep it in his bag secretly. Also, give a hint of your plans for the night. Make the note somewhat sexual as it is sure to stimulate his fantasies.

  • Surprise visit to any new place/city:

A better way to strengthen your relationship with him is to go on a weekend trip. Generally, after some time, every relationship starts to face rut and that magical element of love fades. This is mostly due to work and stress associated with life. Perhaps, you may get bored with one another with the relationship getting predictable. Even passion seems to have disappeared. Hence, going out to a new place of choice can rekindle that magic. It can be like dating once again. Doing something new together helps overcome normal rhythm, wakes up both and stimulates primary level the brain. Also, relationship only strengthens further.

  • Enjoy a sporting event that he loves:

It is quite sure that he must be interested in some sports. Then, a better way to surprise and impress him will be to buy him tickets to his favorite game. It could be something that he might not be expecting and come as the perfect surprise. He is likely to register unconsciously that you will support the children in their personal desires. This is indeed an attractive trait desired by men in their woman.

  • Prepare a favorite meal:

Majority of the men love to eat and are likely to have something they call their favorites. Since you are his partner, you are likely to know this secret. So, why no prepare a special dinner that he loves the most and surprise him! Simply prepare the way he loves to have it. In case, you don’t have time to cook why not visit his favorite restaurant or take away. This is sure to make him think that you are just amazing. He is sure to be thrilled completely if he gets to see his most favorite meal waiting for him.

  • Surprise party inviting his closest friends:

He may just have arrived from work only to find that closest friends waiting at the living room to invite him. He is sure to get surprised at the secret party and enjoy it thoroughly. You can decide the date and time in advance while informing his friends about the surprise party. They are sure to cooperate with you and impress him thoroughly. He is sure to thank you from his heart for organizing this amazing party.

  • Sports car ride:

It could probably be his birthday or an achievement that he has had recently. If so, then giving him a surprise ride in a sports car can be great way to impress him. Many men generally dream of possessing toys, something they may not afford to buy. Mostly, they are cars. Be it a Maserati or Porche, they do keep dreaming about it and would want to own one. Hence, it will be a great idea to surprise your spouse or husband by allowing him to drive such special cars for a day. This can be a grand gift he will never want to forget. You can look at the web to find companies that might rent out luxury sports vehicles for a day.

  • Wear lingerie and stand at the doorstep to receive him:

 Although strange, this can be a great idea. As he returns from work tired, he is sure to feel rejuvenated and refreshed on viewing this sexy side of yours. You may indulge in various crazy activities to display your love for him. Moreover, such acts will keep your relationship sizzling hot. It also allows him to get satisfied for his burning need for variation without feeling guilty. It can also be an amazing sexual, fun-filled experience for both.

  • Video collection of loved ones:

These days, there are available digital cameras and smartphones using which you can capture pictures of his special moments with those known. It can be something touching and quite personal. Generally, men do not express much about their feelings. You may ask his family members and closest friends to record short videos. They can save how much he is loved and his worth in their life. The videos can even be of 30 seconds. A personal video of your man with his beloved ones will make him feel special and wanted. He is sure to associate such good feelings exclusively with you.

  • Unexpected Sex:

You can get dressed up in a bit revealing and sensuous clothes. You may book a hotel at a new place that offers spacious, luxurious room. It may have crystals and chandeliers hanging from its ceiling while shining elegantly. It can provide a new and unique sexual experience. Act in a manner to compel him to think about this experience for a long time.

  • Provide him great massage:

It is quite natural that long hours at the workplace do make men to feel tired, tensed and stressed out completely. If you give a body massage, it can be really heavenly for him. It can do away with the writhing pain and stiffness in the joints he may be facing. You can also enhance his mood by opting to provide a sensual massage. Focus on what makes him feel good and he should enjoy it thoroughly.

Hence, with proper understanding and planning, you are sure to leave him completely surprised and wanting for more.


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