12 tried and tested ways to make your beard grow faster


You may desire to sport a great looking beard and be praised for it. Growing a beard helps improve your masculine features. It provides you with that much-needed confidence. Perhaps, growing a decent looking beard faster can be a tough task. It is important to know how to develop naturally a thicker beard faster.

Time-tested tips to grow fuller, thicker beard

You need to follow the below-given tips to achieve having fuller, thicker beard much faster.

  • Avoid shaving your beard:

Shaving is not likely to offer thicker beard hair or improve its density. Rather, certain factors tend to determine hair follicle density like hormone levels, genes and age. Having beard hair simply cuts off your hair strands. Hair follicles are located deep within the skin’s dermal part. The blade does not reach this level. The base hair strands are much thicker and thinner at the ends. Thicker base will be visible if hair is shaved off. The diameter shrinks as it grows out while hair appearance becomes normal and thin. Even with time, perceived thickness is just temporary.

  • Patience:

Growing fuller, thicker beard overnight does not involve any special magic. You need to maintain patience. Provide your body with some time to integrate essential changes and to translate them into visible effects. It includes longer, fuller beard or healthier looking hair.

  • Derma Roller for beard growth:

A technique can be availed referred to as microneedling to boost hair growth. It can help develop thicker bear.  Tiny needles are used in hundreds to puncture the skin’s upper layer to accelerate collagen production. It also enhances blood flow. Dermatological procedures use this particular technique to eliminate wrinkles and scars. Dermaroller when used can promote your skin’s elasticity and health. It increases blood flow, reactivates hair follicles, thereby providing patchy beard areas with more nutrients. It also stimulates keratin and collagen production.

  • Beard care with skin care:

You need to take care of your skin to have decent-looking beard. It prevents beard breakouts, dandruffs, irritation and redness. Moreover, it boosts hair regeneration and hair growth by encouraging blood circulation. Proper skin care routine comprises of moisturizers, exfoliants and cleansers. Such products enhance hair follicle health and local blood flow.

  • Regular exercise:

Exercising your body helps enhance your blood flow and testosterone levels. Both factors can enhance hair follicle density and encourage beard hair growth. It also reduces stress levels significantly.

  • Reduce stress:

Stress might harm your body as well as beard growth. Harmful hormones get released due to constant stress faced like cortisol. It affects directly the testosterone level. The fact is that stress hormones may cause vasoconstriction, meaning your beard hair follicles get less nutrient-rich blood. Fuller beard can be derived by taking less stress. It also makes your mind and body healthy. Meditation can help provide relief to stress. You may sample unwind on your sofa or go hiking.

  • Rest:

You do need proper and timely rest. At least 8 hours of sleep is recommended to freshen up your mind and body. Proper rest can help promote testosterone levels and reduce stress levels. Plenty of rest can help encourage thicker, fuller beard.

  • Improve diet:

A protein, referred to as ‘Keratin’ is present in hair. Better hair growth is encouraged by consuming balanced diet filled with appropriate protein amount. Your body is offered with appropriate building blocks, thereby making your hair to grow stronger and thicker. Do consume lots of green leafy vegetables. A balanced diet is sure to provide your body with essential vitamins like Vitamin C, E and biotin. It promotes hair growth. Antioxidant activities allow having healthy beard.

  • Supplements:

These days, there are available a variety of supplements in the market that promises to grow fuller beards faster. They provide your diet with nutritional gains and are available in mineral and vitamin form. But doctor consultation will be essential before taking them. The human body requires essential minerals and vitamins to function as well as maintain better health. It also ensures growing full beard. Better beard growth can be promoted by including few key minerals and vitamins. It includes magnesium, copper, zinc, Biotin, Vitamin D, C & E. They are essential for diverse body functions and not limited just to hair growth. However, their deficiency might interfere with the ability to develop thicker or fuller beard.

  • Water:

To ensure better health, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water can help maintain kidney function. Moreover, your body will be able to eliminate harmful compounds while your skin stays healthy and hydrated. Happy skin will only mean happier hair follicles. To grow thicker beard or facial hair, drink 8-10 glasses of liquid every day.

  • Shape & Trim your beard:

Although trimming doesn’t assist new facial hair development, it offers thicker beard appearance. Lack of fullness can be compensated by providing the beard with appropriate shape for features and face. It can be considered to be some type of beard hack. Moreover, trimming can help adjust hair length, thereby concealing effectively patchy beard regions. Initial trimming is best done by a well-trained professional.

  • Beard oil:

This is essential to derive a healthier looking beard. There are available several Beard oil brands in the market. It is undoubtedly an essential tool that you need to invest in to enjoy having fuller, thicker beard. It prevents beard dandruff, itchy skin, makes your beard hair to appear health and great looking. It offers the applied skin surface with a thin film, thus locking up the moisture while preventing dryness. Beard oils mostly comprise of natural oils like sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and macadamia. Applying even a small amount is likely to do a lot of good. Depending on your beard hair length. You just require 6-8 drops and apply the same close to the skin. The oil should be massaged towards the hair ends. Using branded beard oil helps protect your beard and skin from potential damage. They are also scented and offer freshness to the face.

Therefore, following the above tips will allow you to enjoy having fuller, thicker beard faster.


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