10 Coolest Coat and Jacket Trends For Men


Top Ten Coat and Jacket Styles for Men

There was a time when coats were worn only during the cold, winter season! Well, things have changed considerably in the past few decades. Today, coats are an integral part of many style statements. And, big coats can change the way you look and feel about an occasion. If you are a chap, who is aiming to buy new coats – the next few lines will make a big difference. So, let’s get started!

Parka Coat

parka coat outfit men walking leather shoes

The Parka style has a history that dates back to the early 1950s. This style originated from the US Army Staple. It adopts a fur lining, and has a famed green shade. The lighter coats were used during the tropical climates. Within a short span of time, these coats were adorned by numerous models. Since it originated from the military, the parka coat has an irreplaceable spot in any man’s modern wardrobe.

Down Jacket

mens down jacket fashion trends winter

If you are known for spending lots of time outdoors, the down jacket (or coat) will make a big difference. From ravers to ramblers – everyone from the 90’s loved this style. The down jackets are famous for their warm nature. And, if you are looking for a down jacket that can be worn during summer – you need to opt for the waist, cut ones.

Long Coat

Kanya West long coat fashion trend men

Do you know that men love to wear coats that can touch their toes? Jokes apart, these coats rose to fame when David Beckham decided to remove a leaf from Mrs. Beckham’s books. The long coats are also known as trench coats. They look like walking sleeping bags. And, can keep you extremely warm.

Duffle Coat

duffer coat trend men fashion

The duffle coat is ideal for younger boys. It has plenty of character. These coats are often waterproof, and warm. If you are looking for a coat that would look smart, and cozy – the duffle coat is a great pick. It will be a great addition to your date-night clothing choice.

Heritage Coat

heritage coat men fashion model trend

Technically, the heritage coat is an overcoat. It originated from the United Kingdom. The overcoat is more functional than stylish. With time, designers have gone wild with their imaginations on how the heritage coat needs to be. Today, you will find a variety of heritage coats in different shapes, colors and fabrics.

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Winter Bomber Jacket

handsome men walking bomber jacket style

The bomber coats have plenty of personality. In fact, they mean something totally different at various times. There are those snazzy winter bomber jackets, and the scandi versions too.

Belted coats

belted coat trends men fashion

These are the rare, but trendy options for men. Why? The belted coats are often mistaken for dressing gowns. These coats are known for their luxury elements. The belt is included to keep the entire sartorial jacket in place.

Trench Coats

mens trench coat style fashion

Next in line would be the trench coats. These coats have a history that dates back to the early 1850s. The style became famous only in the 1900s. Fashionistas claim that the trench coat has many legends from Belgium.


man walking footpath rain coat style fashion

You might find the raincoat “unique” and “out of the box” in this list. But, the raincoat is one of the most commonly owned coat varieties, by both men and women. The raincoat features plenty of layers, and can come in overwhelming shapes too.

Shearling Jacket

mens winter fashion shearling coat trends fash

Finally, we have the shearling jacket. This is quite similar to the trench coat for men. The shearling coat has served a good amount of time in the forces. The design is both delicate and luxe. For a considerable amount of time, the shearling coat was famous amongst pilots (who wanted to keep themselves warm in cockpits that are not covered).


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