15 Minutes Insanity Workout That Can Do Wonders

15 Minutes Insanity Workout That Can Do Wonders

15 Minutes Insanity Workout That Can Help You Lose 20 Pounds In A Month

The Insanity Workout is a workout and fitness program that was developed in 2009. Shaun Thompson, the man behind fitness programs like Hip Hip Abs, has created it. This is most intense workout program so far, and has satisfied thousands of people ever since it has come out. It takes just 15 minutes and is designed to motivate people into burning fat very quickly. It can help change their body shape without making them go through a boring fitness routine each and every day. This is an entirely new exercise program, unlike anything that you might have tried ever before.

How Does the Insanity Workout Plan Work?


When you train as per the Insanity Workout regimen, you have to train to the optimum every day. Every exercise includes pure cardio workouts, plyometrics (jumping), and The Heismann and a variety of other sports training exercises. While performing each workout, you have to move from one workout to another as long as you are capable of doing that. You have to rest just as much as to get to the point of recovery, so that you can start exercising again.

Rather than using high intensity exercises in short bursts along with longer moderate intensity workouts, it needs to be elevated by a few notches – according to the creator of the program Shaun T.

The exercises in this workout program can include:

Exercise One: Double Diamond

Double Diamond Exercise Insanity Workout

This is your first exercise, and you would do well to perform it at a pace that suits you. If required, you can modify your moves.

  • Try performing a squat, keeping the butt low.
  • Now try jumping up.
  • As you come down, try to land gently – so as to control your move and prevent damage to the knees.
  • In case you find it too tough, change the move and avoid the jumping. With this exercise, you can work out your legs and abs.

Exercise Two: Stance Jacks

This is a simple workout that most people can perform easily.

  • Perform a squat.
  • Now use your right arm and tap your other side.
  • Perform a squat again.
  • Now tap the reverse side with your left arm.

With this basic workout, you can give a fine workout to the obliques and the butt.

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Exercise Three: The Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman Insanity Workout

It is a workout that Gal Gadot fans would love.

  • Step side to side, making it appear as if you are running.
  • Make the biceps tight.
  • Try to push forward.

It can work out your legs, obliques and arms quite well.

Exercise Four: Hit The Floor

hit the floor exercise

It can help work your butt and legs out.

  • Make the core muscles tight, while using your hands to hit the floor.
  • Now jump up. You have to touch the floor a number of times.

Unlike any other exercise regimen, this program is intended to make you perspire much more. Every time that you complete a session, you will be left gasping for breath.

As the Insanity exercise program continues for only a shorter period of time, everything is structured here in a slightly different way. The intensity and duration of the exercises tend to increase after the initial 30-day period. However, you should still adhere to the same kind of on/off schedule that you performed in stage 1.

What are the Benefits of the Insanity Workout?

15 Minutes Insanity Workout That Can Do Wonders

This is a full body workout that is ideal for anyone who does not have any limiting medical problems, and is determined to get rid of fat deposits from all parts of their body – whether it comes to the chest, arms, thighs or belly. It can give you a perfect body shape. You can get a well-toned and leaner body. If you are a woman, you can have the curves at the right places that can make men drool at your sight.

The workout regimen can challenge your body constantly, given that you have to perform at the highest capacity and switch between anaerobic and aerobic intervals.

In this type of workout plan, the emphasis should be on keeping the cardiac rate at a high level, and keeping the recovery and rest periods short. You can lose up to 20 pounds in a month if you stick to a healthy nutritional plan, dedicatedly.

When you exercise in this manner, you can spend plenty of energy in short intervals. It is quite varied from interval training of other types, where you have to depend more on building the cardiac rate in a more gradual way as you elevate your workout rate. This program comprises of intense exercises. While HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises are taxing, the kind of workout that you can get from Insanity is simply amazing. When coupled with good rest and proper diet, losing 20 pounds in a month can be easier than you think.


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