20 Best Fashion and Style Trends For Men This Summer 2021

20 Best Fashion and Style Trends For Men This Summer 2021

20 best fashion trends for men this summer 2021

This guide shows you the 20 best fashion trends for men this summer. Find out which styles are it thing and what you can wear to rock the world confidently.

With summer just around the corner, you know it’s time to flaunt your sense of fashion as well as go to the beach. But do you know what will set you apart from the crowd? Being conversant with the trends of 2021. Read on to discover the 20 best fashion trends for men this 2021 summer.

Linen shirts

male model linen summer fashion shirt style men

This type of shirt is simple and has a quick-drying and absorbent material. This means that sweat will dry off much faster without retaining the odors. The colors that are trending for 2021 are white, off-white, light blue, and olive. They are buttons down and long-sleeved.

Slim T-shirt

slim tshirt summer style men

This summer, enjoy a lightweight, comfortable, and well-fitting t-shirt. You can choose from a lot of available varieties in the market. Make sure that the material is not see-through and it hugs lightly around your body. Neutral colors like grey, white, and navy blue are trending this summer. Make sure you grab yourself a piece or two before summer begins.

Short-sleeve Henley

summer style outfit men short sleeve hanley fashion 2021

With the added highlight of buttons that add character to this Henley, you are bound to look classy and stylish without much effort. Given that they don’t have collars, there is more breathing room without sweat accumulating around your neck.


summer style outfit men short sleeve hanley fashion 2021 shorts

The most classic trending shorts this summer are chino shorts and jean shorts. For your comfort, make sure to choose a short that’s not too short or long ending just above the knee. They should also be fitting. These shorts all look stylish and will cover you up while still giving you enough room to breathe. They will also add an extra edge to your look.

Sweat shorts

sweat shorts style trend summer outfit men

To battle the heat that comes with the Summer season, buy a sweat short that’s lightweight and comfortable. With these sorts, you don’t sacrifice style or comfort. You can wear these during an errand or when just in the house lounging.


sandles shorts summer outfit trends men

Leather sandals to be specific leave a great impression behind. They look stylish while still keeping your feet cool. For everyday wear, you can’t go wrong with slider-style or sling back.

Bomber jackets

They are sporty and lightweight and are available even as a windbreaker. Mostly made of polyester and nylon fabric. Keeps you warm into the night when those warm days transition to chilly nights.


A pair of sunglasses looks elegant all the time. During summer, they protect your eyes against harmful sun rays. Just be sure that you choose a pair of glasses that suits your face.

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A simple watch will add a lot of character to an outfit. You can choose from the available pieces available in the market. A neutral color that’s not too expensive and doesn’t compromise on style will work magic.


We all sweat and unfortunately, sweat has an odor. To make sure that you keep this at bay, choose a solid cologne as an alternative to liquid ones. This makes it easier to just apply a small layer without going overboard.

White sneakers

This specific color of sneakers is classic because you can wear them from the office to the restaurant, and later to the dancefloor. They are simple yet elegant and make any outfit you choose to wear look stylish.

Chambray light blue shirt

These plain-woven shirts add a complete look to any summer outfit. The difference between these shirts and denim is that these are more breathable and have moisture-wicking capabilities. Truth is, you shall be needing a few of these come summer. Light blue classic chambray is the color trending this summer of 2021.

Linen trousers

linen trousers fashion trends men summer 2021

Looking to rock a trouser that is lightweight, roomier, and loose-fitting? Look no further than the trending linen trousers this summer. A linen trouser that has a little blend of cotton will go a long way where wrinkling is an issue. They are bound to give you a classic style with unbridled comfort.


You shall need to shield your face from the harsh heat that’s witnessed during summer. Which other way to do that than to rock a ballcap. To maintain balance with your outfit, make sure that the cap color is neutral.


Woven belt to be specific is trending in summer. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, this belt is guaranteed to add a personality to your style.

No-show socks

This summer, ankle socks have been thrown under the curve. No-show socks are great because they are not as long and are better than going socks-less. Due to the piercing heat associated with summer, your feet will be prone to sweating. These socks will trap the moisture without showing fabric.


overshirts outfit ideas men summer 2021

They are trending since they are lightweight and are better than hoods. You will be able to rock at night when it gets cold without overdressing.

Cotton vertical print polo shirt

The vertical printed polo shirt with brown and white colors will add a classic look to your outfit this summer. Pair these with lightweight jeans, white sneakers, and sunglasses and you have an authentic look right there.

Printed short-sleeved shirt

printed short sleeve outfit idea men summer 2021

Want to stand out this summer? Why not choose this trending shirt. Make a statement solely alongside the trending linen trousers. This shirt will do all the talking when paired with bold and bright colors.


For a ton of compliments this summer, make sure your wardrobe doesn’t miss a loafer. They are bound to bridge the gap between casual and smart-casual dressing. Pair them with any brightly colored trousers or shorts and enjoy the compliments that will be coming your way proudly.


The summer trends for men 2021 have a lot of outfits to choose from. Do not be left behind this summer with your old clothing. Jump ahead and shop for any of these and rock summer confidently.


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