20 Best Turtle Neck Fashion Trends For Men Right Now

20 Best Turtle Neck Fashion Trends For Men Right Now

Top 20 Turtleneck Outfit Ideas For Men 2021

The turtleneck is among the best clothing pieces for the winter and fall seasons, for various reasons. While these can be worn for informal as well as formal events, when styled in a proper way, these can be a great option even in other seasons – when the mercury takes a dip. However, it can be quite boring to wear this sweater of an old style. Here are the top 20 Turtle Neck Fashion Trends for men 2021 that you can follow, and step out in a different style every day.

1. Plain, Dark Turtlenecks

plain turtle neck fashion trend for men

You can start with this style. Black happens to be the commonest color that these types of sweaters can be found in. Once you know how this kind of sweater can be properly styled, you may try various other colors – such as red, bright green and more. This was the style that was popularized by Bob Dylan during the ‘60s.

2. Turtleneck beneath a Coat or Jacket

Turtleneck beneath a Coat or Jacket

These are perfect options for styling as well as for the winter season. Go for Saint Laurent design option, to dress up in the mid rock style. These might be costly, but you can take some inspiration in style and apply these in order to come up with your own style.

3. Thin Turtlenecks

thin turtle neck sweater trends for men

These can be a perfect option. Such kinds of sweater may be much warmer during the summer season. Thus, you have to ensure that you pick a very thin turtleneck or one made of cotton. You can of course opt for general turtlenecks that can keep you safe from cold.

4. Woolen Roll neck

men's turtle roll neck outfit trend fashion

These happen to be the best woolen sweaters, in case you would like to stay warm during the winter season.

5. Patterned Sweater (For Funky Occasions)

turtle neck designed sweater trends for men

This can be a great sweater to try for occasions that are funky.

6. Simple Turtleneck (For Casual Occasions)

This can be your style, in case you are not a fan of experimentation. Less always happens to be more, in case of this style. Wear the turtleneck on its own, so as to allow it to be casual and safe.

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7. All Black Sweater

simple black turtle neck sweater for men

It can be great to wear this kind of all-black sweater. Simply dress up in dress pants and a black coat, matching with a black turtleneck. It can be ideal for formal parties and events.

8. Turtleneck With Velvet Blazer (For Party Occasions)

Turtleneck With Velvet Blazer

These are extremely versatile in nature, and can be worn with Velvet Blazers. These might have an absurd appearance, especially in case you sport two varied colors. You can make these appear formal by pairing a blazer that is preferably of a velvet color. This can ensure a fancy outfit for you.

9. Turtleneck with suit

turtle neck outfit with suit style for men

If you are a fan of retro look, you would like to add any of these to your own wardrobe. In case you do not like to take any risk, you can wear one is a basic form and in a neutral shade. But if you have a fancier style, you can wear a turtleneck of contrasting color with your suit.

10. Turtleneck and Double-breasted suit

double breasted blazer with turtle neck sweater outfit style men

You can layer your turtleneck with your double-breasted suit, and dress up in such type of style. Double breasted suits are too large in size, and can cover most of the apparels beneath. However, turtlenecks tend to slightly pop out, in order to be prominent. Pair these with formal footwear.

11. Turtleneck With Bomber Jacket & Leather Jacket

turtle neck bomber jacket outfit idea men

For all occasions such kinds of jackets, as well as turtlenecks, are extremely versatile – regardless of the color that you sport. You may mix and match these by either having the turtleneck paired with a jeans with a dark leather bomber jacket or a black leather jacket.

12. Turtleneck with dress pants, chinos or jeans

Turtleneck with dress pants, chinos or jeans

You may pair this with chinos, jeans or dress pants, which can be a fantastic way for you to dress down in this style – casually and smartly.

13. Casual

You can wear the turtleneck to various events. It is important to try layering, and a bomber shirt is ideal. Such kinds of jackets, partly shirt and partly bomber, can ensure a lightweight apparel – which is ideal when the weather gets warmer.

14. Smart Casual

A blend of business and casual fashion is what a few occasions demand. A turtleneck is ideal for it, and you can style it easily – to match many events. When you wear a suit, it might not be the best idea for you to opt for an all-black outfit. When you try it in a more laid-back style, it can appear sophisticated and stylish.

15. Suited & Booted

turtle neck stylish outfit for men

You can pair these along with a suit. In this way, you can exude sophistication and class – as well as be able to preserve that masculine impact that is possible with a fitted suit. When you try to pair your Turtleneck with a matching blazer and trouser combination, opt for a slim fit that can  show off your muscles and abs to the best effect.

16. Athleisure

 athletic turtle neck mens fashion clothing style

Cuffed joggers happen to be quite flattering, and you can get that athletic and casual style without making you look fat. Both pieces have a fitted nature, which makes one ideal for another. Roll the sleeves up, accessorize with a watch and throw a backpack over the shoulders, to have a stylish and practical outfit. Wear mesh trainers and a modern baseball cap to complete the look, and have a laid-back style that can make a wonderful impression.

In case the climate is colder, wear a sporty padded jacket to pair the appearance. This will retain your body warmth while appearing stylish.

17. Turtleneck Sweater with Denim, Sneakers and Jacket

Turtleneck Sweater with Denim, Sneakers and Jacket

Such kinds of sweaters are a wardrobe essential for many people. However, these do not match the taste of everyone. You would do well to experiment with a few new styles. But if you want a more proven style, it is better that you team it with a jacket, sneakers and denim.

18. Turtleneck with Dress Shoes, Blazer and Trouser

Turtleneck with Dress Shoes, Blazer and Trouser mens outfit

An astonishingly understated piece, turtleneck can look great when styled in a proper way. You can pair it with trouser, blazer and dress shoes for hanging out with your friends or when you want to feel comfortable as you are jetting off and would like to stay convenient on the plane.

19. Turtleneck with Over Coat, Ripped Jeans and High Top Sneakers

Turtleneck with Over Coat, Ripped Jeans and High Top Sneakers men

You can wear this kind of tee with ripped jeans, over coat and high top sneakers. This can be the best transitional outfit as you move from spring to winter. In case you are not the sort of individual who loves fitted apparels, opt for a turtleneck having a loose fit. In case you are unable to get one that can specify the fit, you may move a size up and roll the sleeves up to ensure a casual and slouchy look.

20. Turtleneck with Slim-fit jeans

Turtleneck with skinny jeans outfit men

The style of most people is complemented by slim-fit jeans, given the fact that these are body-hugging but are not too skin-tight to be comfortable. To add some extra style, you can use a belt prior to wearing the favorite trainers of your choice – to get a more toned-down appearance and have a more casual style.


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