20 Most Trending Men’s Style Trends From 1920s

20 Most Trending Men's Style Trends From 1920s

20 best 1920s men’s fashion outfit ideas: Mens fashion 2021

The memory of the 1920s came rushing to many in the 2020s, when a deadly disease struck humanity again – much like the Spanish flu of the ‘20s. And that means the fashion of that time became a talking point for many as well. Here are the 20 best 1920s men’s fashion outfit ideas that are still trendy in 2021.

1. The Pinstriped Suit

The Pinstriped Suit 1920 style men

These can be excellent for bar mitzvahs, weddings and other special occasions, and can serve you quite well. It is better to go for separates which can let you have as near to a perfect fit as possible, with no need to invest on a custom one.

2. The Double-Breasted Sportcoat

double breasted sportscoat trends 1920 fashion

This is a blend of wool, linen and alpaca along with some of the great performance fabrics that can be obtained in nature. It is a peak lapel and double-breasted coat that can make men look taller and stronger.

3. The Waistcoat

mens wasitcoat style trends from 1920s

It is a Mackinaw wool vest that can make all things, whether sports coats or a pair of jeans, look slightly more formal. These can also make you feel warmer on the cooler days of the Fall season.

4. The Candy Stripe Shirt

candy stripe shirts men 1920s trend

For an authentic appeal, you can pair the vest with a wide shirt having vertical stripes. This shirt is black and white, and will remind you of the glamorous days of Hollywood and the era of the silent films.

5. The Higher Waist Trouser

The Higher Waist Trouser

These are spacious trousers that can be quite comfy for you. These can be great to wear during the work-from-home days, and can also be ideal for night-out sessions and for a stylish look at the office.

6. Traditional Morning Suit

traditional morning 1920s stylish suit

You will look like the elite men of the 1920s, and the big businessmen and senators of that time. It was a staple for grooms during the weddings of that era, which were held during the morning or the early afternoon.

7. White tie formal suit

white tie formal suit 1920s fashion stylish trend

It is perfect for an evening at the opera, or a dinner party or even wedding occasions (if you are the groom) or his father or any of the groomsmen. A white bow tie and a white vest have to be worn together.

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8. Black tie formal suit

black tie formal suit trending in 2021 from 1920s

For upper-middle-class men and immediate family dinners, black tie was the semi-formal look. In this look, you have to wear a bow tie and a black vest together.

9. Tennis Outfit

1920s stylish tennis oufit trend

This is a famed sporty summer look from the 1920s, and was worn by men while playing Tennis. You can look fashionable and comfortable in this type of look, where you are supposed to wear a white shirt, white pants and a varsity / cricket / tennis cable knit sweater. It can be a great couple’s costume as well.

10. Cable knit sweater – Golf outfit

Cable knit sweater – Golf outfit

Wear two tone Oxfords and a pair of tall argyle socks. Team this with a newsboy cap, and you will look like an elite golfer. It is perfect for teens, newsboys and for casual men.

11. Boating Attire

boating attire men 1920s men fashion

Sport a striped blazer / jacket over a pair of white pants. You wear a navy blazer as a jacket, and team it with a captain cap. Keep your appearance semi-formal with a straw hat, bow tie or summer necktie and a white dress shirt.

12. Seersucker Suit

seersucker outfit style men 1920

For this kind of summer suit, cotton seersucker – a lightweight material – was ideal. It is a good idea to sport a double-breasted suit along with a vest that is matching in form. To achieve this ’20s look, you may also opt for a single-breasted suit.

13. White Summer Suit

white summer hat with suit 1920s mens stylish outfit

This was the look for many of the elite men during the summer months of the 1920s. Ivory or white was the choice for outdoor sporting events, summer house parties and garden parties. For formal galas, beach weddings and warm-weather events, this was the look of choice.

14. Gangster Costume

mens gangster stylish outfit idea 1920s fashion

You may also dress up in brown or blue-gray tweed suits and separates that come in a tight fit. Wear lace-up boots in place of Oxford shoes and team these up with tweed-like fabrics,  pocket watches and newsboy caps, which are now back in fashion.

15. Men’s Costume Suit

Wear a middle-class business suit along with pants of brown color. Team these with:

  • White club collar green dress shirt
  • Striped brown-vested brown suit jacket
  • Paisley tie
  • Brown bowler hat
  • Brown cap toe shoes

16. Working Class Men’s Costume

working men costume 1920s fashion

With a pair of pants, shirt, vest, suspenders, hat and shoes, and sporting colors like Navy Blue, Gray or Brown, you can look like a casual man or working class man of those times. Choose thick tweed or rough wool. Go for fabrics with a specific pattern, like herringbone, stripes and plaid.

17. Cricket Sweaters

cricket sweater stylish trends for men from 1920s

Cable knits and lighter cricket sweaters are being released often by brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. These can work great on casual days and during the colder months, while layered with tweed blazers of an earthy color.

18. Beige cotton blazers

stylish blazer for men from 1920s trending fashion

These days, this kind of blazers are great to try during the summer season. Such types of blazers can help add vibrancy to even the most plain silhouettes.

19. Neutral suits

neutral color stylish man fashion 1920

These used to be quite popular in the 1920s, although the types of colors chosen by a man would serve to indicate his wealth and social status, and not only the tones of his choice. Lighter colors reflected more riches. Nudes and lighter creams stood for a man of wealth, and a big bank balance.

20. Heavy Pants

heavy pants stylish outfit 1920 peaky blinders

These types of pants were quite popular in the ‘20s, and were referred to as ‘Oxford bags’. The name comes from the fact that these were not streamlined, and were baggy. You can wear these to go as you like parties and occasions, and not like to sport these during normal events, as you might look slightly caricaturish otherwise. But these are a retro-themed party favorite.


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