20 Most Trending Mustache Styles For Men 2020

20 Most Trending Mustache Styles For Men 2020

The 20 Best Moustache Styles For Men Right Now

The style of facial hair plays a vital role in determining the aesthetic beauty of men. Those with a patchy beard can confidently wear a moustache, whereas men in laborious jobs or warmer climates can often see that small whiskers are better for them. There are various ways for you to wear a moustache. These are 20 best styles of moustache that men can go for:

  1. Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache has been coming back, and even the stylish men of today are appreciating it. You will need to put some effort into curling your whiskers into the traditional curved shape. 

2. Thin Moustache With Beard

thin mustache style

Use a moustache comb that can direct your moist moustache into the shape that you want. Use a moustache wax to hold your tash in place. The practice will need sometime, and make sure that you repeat the process every day, as your rapper style tash hair grows on.

3. Pyramid Mustache

pyramid style mustache

It has a wide bottom and a narrow top, and looks quite like a lampshade. However, it goes down and past the lip. If you are a fan of the triangle shaped tash, go for this style. If your facial hair is thick, it can support this kind of a moustache.

4. La Souvarov Mustache

Named after a general in Russia, this moustache style can help make a good fashion statement.

5. Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe Mustache style

This is a full moustache that comprises of a set of pipes and extends all the way down to your chin. It is a tash that looks badass, and can make you slightly cooler as well as slightly intimidating. It can make your face look longer and is a perfect option for males having a rounder face. But those with elongated faces might like to bypass it. It is also referred to as a Biker Moustache.

6. Painter’s Brush Mustache

Painter’s Brush Mustache style

This kind of moustache is thick in form, and is just like the Chevron in some ways. Whether you blend it with a fresh shave each morning or combine it with slight stubble, it is among the most legendary ways to put on facial hair.

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7. Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache style

This is the kind that most people tend to remember when it comes to a masculine and clean moustache. Many pop culture celebs like to wear this super-manly tash, which looks thick and full. However, with daily trimming, it can look neat and can prevent it from going past the mouth’s outer corners.

8. Imperial Mustache

Imperial Mustache style

This is a thick moustache which consists of hair from the upper lip and goes out into the cheek. This makes it look quite overwhelming. If you want to avoid a messy looking tash, wear it with cheeks and chin shaved clean.

9. The Dali Mustache

The Dali Mustache Style

The thin, long moustache has been styled dramatically to point in an upwards fashion. It owes its name to Salvador Dali, the surrealist artist who wore it as a new wave tash style.

10. Lampshade Moustache

Lampshade Moustache style

It is associated with Charlie Chaplin, and while it can be tougher to wear this in the present times, you can carry it if bold enough.

11. Thin Painter’s Brush Mustache

Thin Painter’s Brush Mustache style

This stands in contrast to the full painter’s brush which is marked by full hair over the upper lip. This is a thin sized version of the same, although thicker when compared to a pencil moustache. However, it looks more refined and subtle as compared to the full painter’s brush.

12. Zappa Mustache

zappa mustache style

It is a thick sized moustache which extends past the lip corners on every side.

13. Pencil Moustache

This type of tash can be worn in an uninterrupted, single line. You can also wear it along with a shaved part above your upper lip middle. While shaving the upper lip to get a thin sized pencil moustache, it can be a great idea to make use of a transparent shave gel. This is because, white thick foam may make it tougher for others to view the tash that you have created.

14. Anchor Moustache

Anchor mustache style

It has been famous since the mid 2000s, and many of the top stars of Hollywood like Robert Downey Jr. wear it.

15. English Moustache

English mustache style

It is just like the handlebar moustache, given that the shapes are similar and both of these have to be styled with the help of wax. However, these vary in the aspect that an English moustache has hair guided out and far from the counteance, and generally extending from the mouth in a straight line. In contrast, the handlebar tash curls up hair and keeps it far from the mouth.

16. Balbo Moustache

balbo mustache style

Based on how lengthy you would like to grow your hair, the tash could be subtle or even be a show-stopper.

17. Fu Manchu Moustache

Fu Manchu Moustache style

You might find it tough to wear it in real life and get away with it. Anyway, you may wear it on special occasions.

18. The Walrus Moustache

The Walrus Moustache style

Here, hair covers the area over the upper lip. This style can be seen in masculine men of earlier times.

19. The Yosemite Sam Moustache

The Yosemite Sam Moustache style

This is a more refined version of the Walrus bushy moustache style.

20. Petit Handlebar

petite handlebar mustache style

It is not easy to have your handlebar moustache match your looks, but this smaller handlebar version can serve you well.


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