20 Most Trendy Sexy Short Beard Styles 2020

20 short and sexy beard styles for men 2020

Top 20 short beard styles for men right now in 2020

They are back in fashion, and even if beards are not for all, these have turned into game-changers. These are associated with some degree of ruggedness or macho feeling, and can make you look sexy and sophisticated. Any type of beard style, long, medium or short, can go with the kind of hair that you have, or even if you have no hair at all. Here are 20 sexy short beard styles that can make men look more appealing.

20. Stable style

stable style short beard

You can grow and maintain it easily. Typically, this can easily be maintained. This one is able to match many types of facial shapes in a proper way, particularly for males with slightly less mature faces. It is trimmed neatly, which makes it look fantastic.

19. Faded beard style

faded beard style

This one is ideal for males with oval and square faces. Generally, the beards are shorter. The sideburns get faded into the actual beard. The actual beard boasts of a square cut and can be allowed to grow down the chin.

18. Uniform beard style

uniform beard style man

This is for faces with round, oval and square shapes. There is uniform length throughout. This is a simple and shorter beard, and has a rounded end point. The beard and mustache blend uniformly with hair of the same length.

17. Beckham style

beckham beard style

The beard style matches any shape, and can last even with minimal maintenance. Here, the sideburns are permitted to grow down into the actual beard, and is ultimately permitted to grow down to the neck area.

16. Lines for days style

lines for days beard style

This kind of style matches fades very well. Here, the sideburns grow shorter always and extend all the way to the main beard, and around the ears. The sideburns are diagonally trimmed down and then up to a tiny patch. The moustache is trimmed closely, and then curves down to touch the actual beard, although the meeting should not actually be allowed.

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15. Balbo style  

the balbo beard style man

This is perfect for males whose chins are narrow. This kind of style can be typically obtained by growing a beard completely. The beard can be shaped up after growing it for 4 weeks.

14. Circle beard style 

circle beard style leonardo DiCaprio

It is a regular styled beard that combines the mustache beard and goatee styles. This can match round as well as oval face shapes. The beard size is reasonable.

13. Short beard with Mustache

short beard style with mustache

It can match oval and square faces, and is let grow all the way to the jaw line. The sideburns can grow to the actual beard, and shaped according to the chin shape. The moustache is permitted to grow to an inverted shape, and there is no contact with the beard.

12. Bush-style

bush style short beard

This style is shaped to round or square shape ends. Generally, these are not trimmed in a neat fashion. This type of beard is permitted to grow to handlebars, and can get an oval shape.

11. Extended goatee style

extended goatee style beard

This style blends the goatee and mustache styles. The sideburns here are actually trimmed, and you can get a nice, medium shape.

10. Little Effort

little effort beard style

You can have that shadow from 5 o’clock, and bear it throughout the day. It is important to give a good outline to your face and let it naturally grow on the neck.

9. Trace of Little Fuzz

fuzzy style beard man

This has a small fuzzy appearance, and lets your face appear as if you have actually shaved a little. Allow your beard to grow slightly, and trim it then to make it short but not that close to the skin.

8. Mustache and Chin Strap

mustache and chin spread beard style

It is the best alternative for men who are unable to grow a whole beard. Want to get this? Shave most of your face apart from the moustache, as well as the hair along your jaw line.

7. Burly Gentleman

burly style beard

You can get a beard that looks natural, and has clean trim lines. Let it curl naturally than brushing or combing it.

6. Defined Lines

defined line beard style

It stands for perfection. Shave the goatee partly, and allow small hair patches to stay beneath the lip as well as also slightly beneath the chin.

5. Short and Tapered

short and tapered beard style for men

Let it fade slowly to the sideburns, so that beard of this style works. It is best for men with round faces.

4. Prominent Definition

prominent beard style Zayn Malik

It is a short styled beard that consists of a well-defined hairy patch in the curve over the lip.

3. The Patchy Goatee

the patchy goatee style beard

Allow some facial hair to stay on your cheeks, and shave the remaining, including that on the chin.

2. The Natural Outline

natural outline beard style

Shape the goatee as you like, and let it stay with the beard instead of having a detached appearance.

1. Thin and Thick

thin and thick beard styles for men

This makes for a classy and elegant look, and can go well with a thin beard along with sideburns that are thicker.


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