20 Outfit and Style Ideas For Big and Tall Men 2021

20 Outfit Ideas For Big and Tall Men 2021

20 fashion and style trends for big and tall guys right now

While there are obvious advantages for being tall, it can be quite a challenge for men of bigger stature to dress in a well-fitting and elegant way. For a tall man, it can actually be a challenge to dress well. Off-the-rack apparels are typically designed for men who are less than 6 feet in height. Those who are over 6 feet tend to have their wrists showing from the cuffs and their ankles showing.

For tall men, the point of dressing well is to look elegant and proportional. Here are the 20 coolest outfit ideas for big and tall men.

1. Use layers

layerd outfit for big and tall men

These can add dimension and depth. When you add layers, it can be ideal for your build. Opt for sweaters and odd vests beneath jackets, when the season lets you. Add a double-breasted jacket or a matching waistcoat with suits. When you use various layers, it can be easier for you to maintain a wardrobe that is smaller and is much more versatile.

2. Opt for the odd combination

big tall man stylish outfit 2021

The odd combination is perfect for a tall man, opting for pants and a jacket that are not composed of the same kind of material. It lets you shop for separate clothing pieces and obtain greater wear from the suits that you have already. It can make your navy suit and gray suit 4 apparels rather than only two.

3. Opt for belts over braces

For slim and tall men, belts are the best accessories. These can give you a clean linen across your body, and manage to break your look up. Braces run parallel to the body, and add to the impression of height. These can make you look bulkier as well, and draw the eyes to your midsection. Based on the setting, opt for brighter or contrasting colors.

4. Wear bolder shoes

Look for bolder shoes which come with excellent color and textures that can draw attention way from your height. You can opt for shoes of any style or color, but stay away from loud shoes which can make you look like a buffoon.

5. Opt for alterations

If you find a great piece of clothing that matches your style and personality, but is off by a few inches, you can buy it and take it to an alterations tailor.

6. Try Bespoke clothing

bespoke clothing style for big men

You can, at times, find the right fit in clothes which can be tailored as per your body measurements. When you have the apparels sized to your measurements perfectly, whether suits, shirts, jackets, or pants, you can make the best impression.

7. Go for long-length ties

Have a necktie that lets you tie a knot of any size, which can match your tastes as well as allow you to have a tie with sufficient length to match your torso.

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8. Look for over the calf socks

With over the calf socks, you can avoid making it seem that you are wearing short pants. Short socks tend to slip downwards and can expose your leg due to your longer stature. With over the calf socks, you can have a proportional look by matching it with your shoes and pants hem.

9. Try narrowly spaced, fine stripes

You will look taller and thinner with bold stripes. Choose narrowly spaced and fine stripes on a suit to get the best striped look. These can also be used elsewhere in the apparels, like a striped shirt or a bold striped tie.

10. Go for two buttoned suits

James cardon stylish suit

While 3-button suits elongate the torso and emphasize it, two buttons can be proportionate instead.

11. Try a balanced casual look

Try a long-sleeved shirt with shorts or pair a short-sleeved shirt with pants, to be able to have a more balanced appearance. For the first look, you may roll up the sleeves a few steps for maintaining your casual appearance overall.

12. Choose pants with mid- to high-rise cuts

Pants with mid- to high-rise cuts tend to cut at the middle, and can make you look more proportionate. A low rise can make your torso look longer and overall, make you appear disproportionate.

13. Go for a glen check

It is not too flashy, and can make you appear quite distinguished. It is best that you wear suits which are not solid, and use proper pattern, color and texture in the weave. For tall men, dyed patterns can be slightly bolder.

14. Wear a Sky Blue Linen Suit

Suits of this type come with a fabric that is textured well. Make sure that the sleeve and hem tailoring is accurate and the proportions of the jacket are excellent as well.

15. Try tall stuffs

Avoid any apparel or accessory that is too short. Go for unhemmed pants which have extra length, so as to let your tailor have something that he can work with.

16. Try clothing in variegated colors

Dressing up in shirts, suits, pants etc in a single plain color can make you look taller, and attract unwanted attention to your height. Clothing in varied colors can make you look more proportionate, breaking up your height visually.

17. Break your clothing up

It is a great way to add a scarf, show your belt (rather than keeping your suit buttoned up) or wear jeans with slits in the knees to break the sections and have a more proportional instead of an elongated look.

18. Wear bulkier clothing

bulky clothing style big men

When you appear thinner, you tend to look taller. Thus, it is best that you wear loose fitting clothes that make you appear thicker.

19. Choose proportionate clothing

The clothes that you choose need to be of the right length and must fit your proportions in the best way – which include getting proportionate jacket length, trouser rise, shoulders, shirt cuffs and hems. The colors, textures and patterns need to be used for supporting your overall appearance, which does not overemphasize or exaggerate your height.

20. Wear low-waist pants

If you have too long legs and a smaller torso, dress up in low-waist pants that can make you appear proportionate. Follow the latest tall-men style ideas to look your best always.


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