20 Rules Men Should Follow When Wearing a Suit

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Men’s Guide to Wear a Suit Properly: How to Wear Suit Like a Gentleman

Wearing the suit correctly can help you to look suave and a professional man. There are many who even after wearing premium suits do not appear dashing like that of the favorite character James Bond. So, if you are eager to appear smart, sharp and put together, then it is necessary on your part to pay proper attention to the finer details associated with suit wearing.

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Wearing the suit improperly does not give out that good look. There are noticed common mistakes such as wearing too long pants or too short jacket sleeves, improper matching of tie to the shirt, using wrong tie knot, etc. These mistakes when curbed can make you appear cool and dashing.

Rules to follow to wear the suit correctly

There are few rules given below that you should follow sincerely to appear handsome when wearing your favorite suit.

1. Unfasten button when sitting down

It is to be adhered to sincerely. Otherwise, your suit will be spoiled or you will appear similar to a stuffed potato.

2. Last button needs to be open always

Your suit’s last button needs to be kept open all the time, mainly for aesthetic purpose. It is not something to bother with.

3. Light Pocket Square

Light pocket squire advised if wearing dark suit and vice versa. It should also be well ironed and not have any crease.

4. Button shirt at top

Do not choke yourself out. If experiencing that choked feeling, then simply change the shirt.

5. Suit shoulders are to hug your shoulders

The suit needs to be the perfect fit on your body, neither extremely loose nor tight. It is the shoulder region, where the suit’s true test rests upon.

6. Avoid pairing sports watch with the suit

When it comes to watches, choose wisely to match the apparel.

7. Focus on jacket

You need to slip easily your hand between the buttoned-up jacket and your chest.

8. A big NO to baggy trousers

Avoid baggy trousers with suits. It looks pretty bad on suits.

9. Avoid going overboard with accessories

You should allow your suit to do the talking, if the desire is to achieve getting that sophisticated, clean look. When dressing up, less is always more.

10. Try Overcoats

Overcoat can help accentuate your corporate look.

11. Socks are to always cover the legs

Socks is not to be white. White socks can spoil your overall look. Always go for black or gray socks.

12. Shoes are to complement suit color

It is fine to have a bit of mix & match. But, try to refrain from overdoing the color contrast, as it will not look good and only spoil the effort.

13. The waistcoat is to finish at belt region

This is stated to be an excellent way to flatten out the stomach, just a wee bit!

14. Tie tip is to be just before belt buckle

This can be sorted out with some trial and error method. You can always practice to perfection!

15. Shirt cuffs not to go over hands

In case it does, then probably you have the wrong size.

16. Avoid wearing belts, if wearing suspenders

Suspenders are worn to hoist up the trousers, and acts similar to a belt.

17. Tie color to contrast with the suit

If wearing dark colored suit, then the tie needs to be of lighter shade & vice versa.

18. Decent sized tie knots

Size does matter a lot in this regard. Anything too big can be jarring, while too small will not help you to get noticed.

19. Tie bar is not to be much wider when compared to the tie

Otherwise, it will appear similar to wearing trousers that are extremely long for the legs. Wearing the correct ones can help solve the desired purpose and also increase visuals and aesthetics.

20. Get the size right

Get the suit that fits your size, it shouldn’t be too big or too tight. You may need to try couple of different pairs if buying from the mall.

Therefore, following the above rules can help you to select and wear your favorite suit correctly.

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