20 Superfoods you should be eating for a healthy Lifestyle

20 Superfoods you should be eating for a healthy Lifestyle

20 Best Superfoods You Should Eat

A nutritious diet can go a long way to ensure good health and longevity for you. Superfoods are the name given to all those foods which have healthy fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins in abundance, and can bring in variety as well as balance to your meals and diet plan. These are 20 superfoods that you should include in your everyday diet, as these can benefit your health very much.


banana superfood

This is a staple in many countries, and is loved for the health benefits that it comes with. The fruit is a very rich source of minerals. You can get plenty of carbohydrates and potassium. For athletes, this is the snack of choice. It is also useful for anybody who indulges in excessive strenuous activities, and need to maintain high level of energy.



These are among the most amazing superfoods, and are packed with many nutrients – such as bioflavanoids. Bioflavanoids are a form of antioxidant that can make the arterial walls stronger and can maintain the skin structure as well. These are known for being able to fight ageing and cancer, and are very useful in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. You can sprinkle a few of these on your cereal or porridge for a nutrient-rich breakfast.


superfood tomatoes

These are packed in lycopene, which is able to combat prostate cancer. It can remove all the free radicals from the body that are known to cause damage to the tissues. When you cook and eat the tomatoes, your body can absorb lycopene much more effectively. Thus, it is better that you use them freely in sauces and soups. You can also find tinned tomatoes, which are very rich sources of lycopene, given that they have been cooked already.



The king of vegetables, this superfood is a very rich source of iron, which shows why the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor should have this one as well. It has bioflavanoids, and is able to fight cancer in an effective fashion. This one has been found to be effective in combating prostate and breast cancer. You can have it stir-fried or in a steamed form.



The bulbous herb has been used for many centuries for health improvement, due to its powerful healing properties. This is an effective antioxidant, and can treat flu and colds naturally. The herb has also been found to be useful in reducing high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. It is best that you have it in a raw form. If you fail to do that, you may freely use it in cooking.



This is a powerful superfood that is a rich source of fat. It is packed in monounsaturated fat, which is very useful for the body. From the nutritional perspective, the food is nothing short of a powerhouse. It has a lot of vitamins, particularly the vitamins C and E.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts

These are a very rich source of unsaturated fat, which is regarded as beneficial fat for the body. It also contains selenium, a useful antioxidant, in high amounts. Selenium is known to be efficient in neutralizing the free radicals that are known to lead to cancer, ageing and other issues. Having only 2 – 3 Brazil nuts every day can help your body to get enough selenium.

Oily Fish

oily fish thai dish

Omega-3 fatty acids are present in high amounts in Oily fishes like sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon. These acids are regarded as very useful in reducing the risks of fatty deposits on arteries, blood clots etc. But Omega-3 is also claimed to be useful in boosting brainpower. Various studies have proved that the consumption of Omega-3 supplements improves concentration levels significantly in children of school-going age. These days, parents are being recommended to ensure enough Omega-3 in their kids’ daily diets.



Just like garlic, Honey is an amazing superfood that boasts of amazing healing and antibacterial properties. It has been found that Manuka honey, which is a special kind of honey that is obtained from bees which feed on manuka tree flowers, is efficient in curing infections and wounds. It works as a powerful topical dressing. The superfood is very useful in treating wounds such as leg ulcers, when standard treatment measures fail to bring about an improvement.

Olive Oil

olive oil pouring in mug

It is a staple in Mediterranean dishes, and works as a popular anti-aging ingredient. Olive Oil can be useful for maintaining cardiac health and improving the functioning of the blood vessels. It has abundant monounsaturated fats that can be effective in reducing the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. According to scientific research, extra virgin olive oil has been found to have an anti-inflammatory compound that can be useful for arthritic patients. You can freely use it in cooking or as a salad dressing.


bowl full of almonds

Having almonds every day can help nourish your skin and make it look younger, as it has Vitamin E in abundance. It has strong anti-aging properties and can fight the onset of age lines and wrinkles. These have fatty acids that can reduce inflammation, and also help with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.



The risk of diabetes is lowered by 27% for those who consume 60 grams of oats or other similar whole grains. Oatmeal has plenty of magnesium that can aid in the secretion of insulin and optimal glucose absorption. Opt for plain and steel-cut oats, and not those with preservatives, sodium and added sugar.


Collards, kale, spinach and other green leafy vegetables can reduce the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes in a lot of studies conducted across the world. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, vitamins K, C and A, a wide range of flavonoids and the plant chemicals zeaxanthin and lutein.


various of legumes

Legumes such as red, black and white beans have a lot of protein and fiber. These are aslo rich in potassium and magnesium, and can reduce blood pressure and glucose in bloodstream. It is a must to have ½ cup of any type of bean every day.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

These are rich in antioxidants, similar to dark vegetables, and can aid in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This superfood has a low glycemic index, meaning that the sugars within it are gradually released into the bloodstream.



This is a seed that tastes similar to grain and is extremely protein and fiber rich, comprising of each of the nine types of amino acids. In every ½ cup Quinoa, there are around 14 grams of protein. It has lysine, an amino acid, which can help in the production of carnitine – needed for transforming fatty acids to energy and reducing the levels of cholesterol.

Sprouted Seeds

These are rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and phytochemicals, and can be digested and absorbed easily by the body.


bowl of yogurt superfood

It has a lot of live bacteria that can benefit the gut immensely, and aid in the absorption of minerals like magnesium, calcium and a few B vitamins. Regular consumption of Yogurt can help in maintaining good gut flora.


slices of orange

These fruits are rich in Vitamin C, and also have bioflavanoids and beta carotenes in abundance. Thus, oranges are useful in improving the immunity of the body against various ailments. The peel of the fruit can also be a great exfoliant for the skin, and lend it an even glow.


chinese kale
Chinese kale vegetable isolated on white background.

This curly-leafed, coarse cabbage has many benefits for health. It can help with the clotting of blood, offer powerful support due to the antioxidants present within, lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, help in diabetes management, promote the health of eyes, remove toxins from the body and promote skin health, among other things. It can also make pregnancy go off smoothly, and aid in making bones stronger, reducing body weight and preventing cancer.


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