4 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Knees

best exercises for knee

Four great workouts for strengthening your knees

According to experts, one of the finest ways of building the strength in your knees is by taking care of your core and legs. It is important to improve the fluidness of your muscles, and make them much stronger. There are many interesting exercises to increase the efficiency, and strength of your knees. But, some of these workouts are much better than the rest. A carefully framed routine will enhance strength, and definitely revamp even your achy knees. So, let’s get started with five of the most powerful exercises for strengthening your knees.

Knee Extension

knee extension exercise for knees

When it comes to strengthening your knees, “Extensions” play an important role. Performing this exercise is not difficult at all. In fact, you don’t require extra equipment too. To complete the knee extension, you need to sit on a desk or table with your legs flowing freely. Try to place a pad below your knee. Then, keep your foot flexed, and start to extend your knee. The movement needs to be slow, but steady. Also, hold the extended posture for three to five seconds, before lowering down.

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Knee Flexion

prone knee flexion exercise for strength in knee

Another basic exercise for strengthening your knees would be the flexion. To make the most from this workout, stand on a small step or 2-inch board. Keep your thigh in line with the rest of your upper body. Now, bend your knee by 90-degrees, and try to go down slowly. Your foot needs to remain flexed during the whole workout. If required, you can keep the thigh pressed against a tall, stable surface (preferably a table). Complete 10-reps in each leg, and try to cover at least two to three sets.

Heel and Calf Raises

heel and calf raises knee exercise

Many people underestimate the power of heel and calf raises. Indeed, these are simple movements that can strengthen your knees by leaps and bounds. The calf muscle has a strong relationship with the hamstring muscles. Also, the calf muscles are connected to the back of our knees. This is why strengthening the calf muscles can benefit your knee and hamstrings. Raising your heel and calf muscles can improve the stability and support of your knees. Once you master the basic variation, you can extend the workout, and focus it on the outer/inner portion of the calves.

Remember, this is a splendid workout that can benefit both your ankles and knees.

Wall Squats

wall squat exercise

Finally, you have the wall squats. The movement looks and feels like traditional squats – but, there is a small variation. To complete this workout, you need to stand with your hip, back and head held against a flat wall. Slow bend, and glide down along the wall. Reach a sitting posture, and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.

When done right, this is one of the finest and most effective exercises for strengthening your knees.


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