40 Minutes No Equipment Full Body Workout Plan

woman doing crunches

5 exercises that can help you to develop muscles in very less time without the equipments

In today’s world not many people have enough time to hit the gym. Everyone is busy with other tasks of their daily lives, however, it’s very important to keep your body healthy in order to have that peaceful mind.

You may be desired to have a wonderful looking body like your favorite celebrity, but want to achieve it without actually using any fancy equipment. It is very much possible to develop muscles and also workout effectively simply by using your own bodyweight. We have made this simple 30-40 minutes no equipment workout plan for you.

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It is among the best exercises to perform regularly. With time and practice more difficult versions can be performed easily. Also, to enjoy the best results, you can perfect your form.

To perform this exercise, stand with feet shoulder width apart. Put out your arms straight behind your head or before you. Bend your knees and push your butt and hips backwards. Look straight and keep back flat and chest up. Your back needs to remain in neutral position while performing this movement. Squat as low as possible and pop into starting position through driving of heels. Weight is to be placed on the heels during the exercise.

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Walking or running

couple running on the sidewalk

There will not be required any elliptical or expensive treadmill. Your own legs will be just sufficient along with pair of good quality running shoes. Focusing 80% of energy on cardio can help witness tremendous body transformation. Cardio is performed by majority of the cyclists, runners, athletes and swimmers.

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They do have amazing looking abs. they do have clean diet and spend lots of calorie in their cardio. When performing cardio, pull navel into the core. Avoid focusing on cardio when running or walking. Rather think about abs and try pulling them in. this way, you can enjoy increased strength. Run slow jog for about 15-30 minutes or quick clip to start with and later add increments of about 10-15 minutes weekly.


man lying on the floor doing crunches

Performing this exercise can help to strengthen your core and tone your midsection. But, it should be only a small part of the overall plan to gain core strength. It is crucial for muscle development and overall body strength. Lie on any carpeted surface or mat for comfort and bend knees to allow feet becoming flat on floor. Now, cross arms before chest and lift shoulders towards ceiling by using abdominal muscles. Pause during peak of movement.

Avoid lifting entire back off floor, since it may cause back strain. Contract back and exhale as you go upwards. Then inhale and slowly ease back down until your shoulders get flat on floor. Avoid plopping backwards. Do control your movements. To start with, perform 2-3 sets.


woman doing push ups

It helps to develop your triceps, shoulders, chest and core. Place hands on ground a bit wider than that of shoulder-width apart. Then lower down until chest touches the floor. Now, squeeze together your glutes and tense your abs while lowering and raising your body. Your elbows need to be kept close to sides for protecting your shoulders.

In case, you feel it tough to perform push-up, then modify it by bending your knees slightly and remain on floor or work to push-ups on an incline. This technique can be done against the wall. Place hands beyond shoulder-width on wall with tightened core and then press up to lower back to floor.

Walking lunges

woman walking lunges
walking lunges

They are just fabulous to develop thigh muscles. Stand with feet being hip-width apart and take giant step forwards by bending knees at 90 degree. Now, keep shoulders over hips and knees over your ankles and take another step. This step should be repeated until you get tired. You need to do 3 sets comprising of 10 for every leg. Do perform cardio work such as walking up & down the steps of your house or hiking, so as to combine leg work along with cardio.

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Before doing any of the above exercises, do make sure to consult a good health specialist to ensure that you are in good shape and health to perform them.

Important: Your diet plays a big part in your overall body appearance.


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