5 Back Exercises You Should Be Doing for Mass


Ultimate Back Workout Plan for a Ripped Back

A lot of people think that a wider chest and bigger biceps with rock-hard six packs are the only absolutes for their muscular physique. In reality, our back plays most crucial role for our physique. A strong, wide back is absolute must for attractive figure. A broad back makes you look strong like a beast.

For the perfect back, you should not focus only on main muscles like upper traps and lats only. Our back consist of many small and large muscles and one has to hit each and every of it to get into perfect shape. We have summed up all the vital exercises necessary for a well-rounded back. These exercises not only hit back muscles but also train your triceps, forearms and shoulders.

Before going into the detail, you should have some basic knowledge.

  • This workout takes about one hour if followed properly.
  • This workout is not recommended to absolute beginners.
  • You should perform some stretching exercise before hitting the gym.
  • Always take 1 minute rest after every set.
  • Don’t forget to drink water between sets to keep your body hydrated.
  • Please follow the instructions properly as it can cost you serious injury.

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man doing deadlift back exercise

Deadlifts are the most crucial for back workout. It will hit the muscles of the hip, lower and upper back, abdominals, and quadriceps. It will also boast your forearm muscles and gripping strength.

Deadlifts are performed in these steps:

  1. Bend down a little and Grab the bar with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Stay close to bar and bend your knees a little bit.
  3. Take a deep breath, make your back straight and bent to an angle.
  4. Exhale as you stand with the weight making your back vertically straight.
  5. Again bend over and return the weight to floor keeping your back neutral.

Perform 5 sets of this exercise with 5 reps. Choose the weight according to your form and body-capacity.

 Bent-Over Barbell Row

Bent over barbell row back exercise
Bent-over barbell row

This exercise really test your limits. It hits your lower and middle back muscles and put pressure on thighs.

This exercise starts with your back leaned 45 degrees forward, hinged hips and weight grabbed with hands twice wider than shoulder width. Keeping your back static, you pull the weight by bending your arms and touch it to your front belly. Then release weight by straightening your hands and exhaling at the same time.

Use manageable weight through which you can perform 911 reps in a set. Try to add some weight after every set and perform total 5 sets of this exercise.

Weighed Pull-up

fit man doing weighed pull up back exercise
Weighed Pull-up

Pullups are known for lat training but they are more than that. Pullups also upgrades triceps and shoulders.

To perform a simple Pullup, you hang with a bar with your hands twice as wide as your shoulder and your muscles relaxed before pushing yourself.

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Perform 812 reps in each set and try to perform 5 sets. You can attach more weight with your body if you can handle but your normal bodyweight is enough also.

Single-Arm dumbbell row

Single-Arm dumbbell row back exercise
Single-Arm dumbbell row

For this exercise, you have to place your left leg and left hand on the bench and lean forward to make your body parallel to floor. Then, grab the weight from right hand and extend it as far as you can. Bring the weight up to your chest keeping your back still.

Perform 4 sets of 812 reps, 2 sets with each hand. Choose the weight that really hit your muscles.

Reverse-grip Pull-down

fit woman doing Reverse-grip Pull-down back exercise
Reverse-grip Pull-down

This exercise is only for lats. Grab the bar with hands extended to shoulder width and make your back straight just like shown in the picture. Then pull down the bar using your elbows, keeping your back neutral. Slowly release back the weight and exhale at the same time.

Perform 5 sets of 812 reps with weight according to your bodycapacity.

This extreme workout not only provides you extended back, but also gives you good posture and makes you look powerful. Don’t forget to take necessary nutrition and rest as you won’t get the desired result without it.


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