5 best balanced beard looks in 2022


You may have finally decided to sport a beard as it is in fashion now. Growing a beard does provide you with an edge over clean-shaved men. With so many styles present, you are likely to be confused as to which type will suit your particular face type. You need to understand the different types of beards meant for different face shapes. Accordingly, select one that fits your face shape and preferences.

Facial hair

The caveman days are over! A balanced, well-groomed hair is now given importance by today’s metrosexual man. A mustache beard or facial hair when carefully groomed can appear more sophisticated and attract the opposite sex. It is always considered masculine. Some even grow beards just to imitate their popular celebrity.

Perfect beard

However, trying to grow and maintain the perfect mustached styled beard is no easy task. Hair growth might be random and uneven in certain areas. Besides this, facial hair might require appropriate maintenance and upkeep. It is necessary to use various types of products like conditioners, shampoos and oils for beard care. It has become part of a daily routine for those image conscious men who have a penchant for designer stubble. Doing some research will help you to know the type that will look best on your face.

Beard types based on face shapes

Almost all men do love having some facial hair on their faces. However, not everyone has the face shape. Hence, each face type comes with its own merits & flaws. But with proper guidance from the experts, it is possible to make the correct selection from the different beard types present. You need to first understand your face type to know the type of beard style to maintain.

Round face

When considering beard for your round face, it is more about angles. The objective here is to tackle the face’ overall roundness. For this, the facial foliage is better kept near the cheeks while elongating them at the chin area. Goatee is perhaps the best style kept for round face with some stubble present on the cheeks. Overall look is sure to proportionate the face to appear neat and balanced. Van Dyke beard is another popular beard style that can be adopted.

Light stubble can also be a good choice. But if you desire to avoid the razor for several days, then you may grow to desirable length. Ensure keeping your beard more pointed. For round face, short beard styles can appear attractive if well pruned and maintained. Select one that best complements your look.

Square Face

Hard angles present at the jaw line are what distinguish the square face style. Chiseled jaw line can appear exceptionally sexy. The perfect style is to highlight your jaw line. Something such as the chin strap beard is likely to work wonders as it smoothens out the edges while tracing the jaw line. Hence, the options offered in this category are quite interesting, especially with the Balbo and Anchor beard. These styles however, require regular grooming and maintenance. The right style choice is sure to make you proud.

Oval face

You are undoubtedly a lucky man if having an oval face.  A round jaw line and forehead tends to characterize such face type. However, it has more pointed chin, thereby striking appropriate balance between too square and too round. If you have this type of face, the beard style to keep is to make the most from the facial features. It is better highlighted. There are numerous options present to choose for the oval faced man like the 5 0’ clock shadow, full beard, moustache and the goatee. They all work the best. If selecting the goatee beard style for your oval face, then do not keep it too long. Doing so will only make your chin to appear more elongated instead of appearing good.

Chubby face

If you have excess fat in your body, you are likely to be chubby looking. There are present certain beard styles meant for the chubby face. If carefully selected and grown, they can help cover up easily the excess fat while providing that more streamlined appearance. Hence, men having fat face can grow facial hair that can make them appear stylish and attractive. It may work wonders while allowing you to achieve the objective of a longer and slimmer silhouette. Growing a chin strap beard along with moustache will help cover up your chin fat. You will also appear well-proportioned when compared to that clean shaven look. Besides this, your round head can be made to appear short by trimming your hair and making it short.

Long face

A thinner jaw, cheek, and deep chin are what exactly characterize a long face. If you have this type of face, then add more volume to the cheeks. Sporting bush chevron moustache is sure to break your face. You can come across beard styles meant exclusively for long face something like the Mutton Chops beard. Sporting such types is sure to provide you with fuller appearances at appropriate places while chin is kept bare.

Beard & Moustache styles

It is indeed the perfect combination if you take proper care of them. A goatee beard style is sure to appear good on your round face. The Circle beard (full goatee), the Anchor beard running from moustache, connecting the chin till your mouth edges is a good choice.

Beard styles without sporting a moustache

Beard types meant for face shapes barring the moustache include the Pure Goatee and the Landing Strip. Pure Goatee is merely facial hair that grows underneath your lower lip region. It also works perfectly as round-faced beard styles since this particular style helps elongate your chin area, to offer that balanced look.

By knowing your face type and what you need to search for can help overcome your beard style selection challenges. Whatever be your face style, you are sure to find a style that will enhance and balance your looks. A few tweaks introduced here & there accompanied with a little trim is sure to change considerably your facial appeal.


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