5 Best Beard Care Tips Every Man Should Follow

5 Best Beard Care Tips Every Man Should Follow

The 5 best tips for maintaining a beard

With beard, you look like a firm, dominant and strong person. Why not try it on you? Yours don’t grow? Well, keep on reading these 5 effective beard grooming tips for men that will change your beliefs about your beard:

1. Remain Patient, Do Not Hurry!

be patient with beard

A truly fabulous beard is one that is produced in right amount of time – a true product of self-restraint.

When you start growing your beard initially, you should resist tempt to trim or style the hairs in a specific fashion. You must leave the beard untouched for 5-7 weeks, until it thickens and grows in an even length. Then, you will be able to style and trim or style your hair that suits your facial features, scalp structure, length of your hairs and hair thickness.  

Note: Having said that, you must bear in mind that every man’s hair grows in its own fashion, time and speed. Additionally, diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle can effectively speed up the process.

2. Always Match the Size and Shape of Your Face

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What if our nose was not proportional to our face? It would look queer! Horrendously strange it would look!

So, whenever you go out to the barber’s shop or a saloon, you must pick a style for your beard that corresponds to the size and shape of your face. The right chosen beard will complement your face structure and shapes, making you look handsome and better.

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3. Know When and How to Trim your hair

Know When and How to Trim your hair
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Pruning is very necessary for the styling your beard – it keeps it fresh, allowing it to grow longer and further. Pruning does not mean to run the trimmer on your beard. Rather, it requires techniques and mastery which brings about a good look on the face.

Therefore, you must invest in a quality trimmer, and learning good tricks and techniques of trimming along with it.

4. Wash the Beard Properly, and Combing It Regularly

well combed beard

This is one of the most important things to do when growing a long and thickened beard. Food bits may be left in the beard, trapped beneath the beard hairs. If they are not cleaned, they will exacerbate the itchiness of the skin.

On a daily basis or every second day, you must wash and condition your beard in the proper manner. Washing is a proper care, as it is not only about hair but also the skin that lies underneath it.

Growing a stylish beard is one of a hell difficult task. On a daily basis, you should have the habit of combing or brushing your beard with the beard brush or comb. It will gently rub down your beard in a downward manner, effectively evening up the rough ends and taming the stubborn and tough hairs in a particular position.

5. Massage Oils on Beards Are Most Satisfying and Loving

There are so many beard oils available in the supermarket. If you have not used them, then this is perhaps the reason why you have failed to grow a robust beard. Now, go to the supermarket, grab that beard oil, take that back home, massage your beard with it and feel the most relaxed.

There is one problem: choosing the right beard oil is a tricky thing. So, you might have to use a few products to reach the right product – doctor’s suggestions may also not be effective, you have to experiment.

Conclusion: Following these 5 tips will allow you to groom your bird in the exact manner you want. You should try to use oils and wash it properly, as they determine the health of hair of your beard.


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