5 Best Exercises for Lean Body: Lean Body Workout Plan

5 exercises to get super lean body

Top 5 most effective exercises to get ripped/lean body

Lean body mass is the total mass of our body other than fats. So what basically is a lean body? A lean body is a body with perfect physique and 10% fats ratio only. To obtain a lean body, you have to not only consider muscle building exercises but also sought for proper nutritional food with exercises responsible for fat loss.

Based on all these factors, a workout plan is developed for you to get excellent shape in no time. Remember to follow it properly as it is different from normal workouts.

Stationary cycle

To obtain maximum results with minimum bulk, we have to consider exercises that involves both cardio and strength building. Stationary bike is one of them. First do some warm-up, 4-5 minutes with normal speed and low resistance is best. Then try as fast as you can for 1 minute, slow it down for 30 seconds and increase the resistance. Again put maximum effort for 1 minute and so on. Keep doing this until you are not able to do it anymore.

man using Stationary cycle
Stationary cycle

This exercise strengthens your thigh muscles and burns belly fat. Also it increases your stamina and expand your lungs.

Rowing machine

Rowing machine is another popular exercise machine used by builders to increase their strength. There is a proper warm-up before rowing which includes push-ups, v-ups and pull-ups. All this hard work is to avoid any serious injury.

fit man using Rowing machine
Rowing machine

Extend your legs gently as you pull the weight and inhale at the same time. Then carefully bend your legs as you release weight and take breath at the same time. Try first 30 reps with normal weight than increase weight slightly for every 20 reps. Keep it up like that until you can’t do it anymore. 


It looks really easy to put on punching gloves and start punching a 30 kg punching bag at high speed. Try it yourself and you will be exhausted in 1 minute. Punching is a great exercise which hits almost every part of your body. It helps in losing fat as well as in enhancing your response.

If you don’t have a punching bag, no problem, just take a resistive band and loop it around any bar. Make your one foot ahead of the other and punch with right and left hand. Do this until you get very exhausted. 

man using punching bag

Alligator plank

Plank is one of the most crucial exercise for upper body and abs. it has many forms and alligator plank is one of them. Alligator plank is more complex and difficult than classical plank. It is a combination of cardio, stability and strength.

Alligator plank
Alligator plank

To perform this exercise, simply lie in push-up position on the floor. Then move your one hand forward and then bend alternative leg forward. Go on in this crawling position to about 15-20 yards. Do not try to lift your hips above upper body.

Static kettlebell lunge

Kettlebell lunges are extremely important in generating strong legs and glutes. Many sportsman use this exercise to develop flexibility in their hips. Moreover, it is a great cardio too.

Static kettlebell lunge
Static kettlebell lifting

There are a lot of variations in kettlebell lunges to hit desire muscles but we will stick with the simple kettlebell forward lunge.

Place kettlebell in your hand close to your shoulder with one leg bended forward and other knee on the ground. Slowly, straighten your legs and extend your hand taking kettlebell to maximum height. Then gradually bring down the bell as you exhale and return to initial position.

These exercises are most suitable for the development of lean body as it not just develop muscles but also burn useless fats


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