5 Best Shoe Brands Every Man Should Consider in 2019

5 best men's shoes brands 2019

Most stylish and Cool Shoes Brands for Men in 2019

Only a well selected dress will not do to enhance your looks and elegance. It should be complemented with matching shoes. The last few years have witnessed a boom in the footwear industry and this year is no different.

With people becoming more fashion conscious, the leading brands have been trying to launch different types of designs to suit all ages and sizes. You can now select different types of shoes to match your outfit and for a particular occasion, so as to make that bold style statement.

Need for trendy shoes

The shoes can be stated to be an extension of your fashion sense, moods and taste and when selected carefully, is sure to define your personality. A proper selection is sure to provide you with a status symbol, respectability and aura of class.

But before purchasing shoes, it will be necessary to take into consideration several criteria such as durability, brand, design, style, material, comfort level and price. You can come across footwear meant for different occasions and purposes like formals, trendy, casual wear and sports.

Top 5 men’s shoe brand to consider in 2019


Adidas ultraboost 19

This brand offers stylish, ultra comfy shoes that are versatile and flexible and provided with fabulous cushioning system to allow the wearer to run that extra mile, without much effort.

The manufacturers are known to use the latest state of the art technology to create their footwear products and are considered to be among the leading manufacturers of running, sports and lifestyle shoes. This German origin company was established by Adolf Dassler in 1924 and its products are currently used all over the world.


Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 

This brand is regarded to be the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes. In 2018, it was recognized to be among the valuable companies and is popular for its expensive, attractive, stylish and durable sports and casual shoes, which are provided with cushioned and flexible lift.

Established in 1964, by co-founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, this American origin corporation has managed to spread its products across the globe. It is popular for manufacturing, designing, selling and marketing of various items and accessories including footwear.


vans men's bishop
Vans men’s bishop

This brand is known to offer its customers with super stylish footwear which is comfortable and durable. Moreover, the footwear produced by it is seamless as well as appeals aesthetically and performance-wise. This American brand has managed to target the elite athletes, especially those looking for designed sports footwear.

They also supply diversified and contemporary product range to the younger generation. It also manufactures skateboarding shoes and apparel and was established by co-founders Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren and Gordon C Lee. in 1966.


Reebok Men's Royal Bb4500

Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500

This brand promotes fitness and ensures that the user is able to move that extra mile effortlessly. It is known to launch innovative and inspiring product portfolio. From traditional footwear, it has managed to transition successfully to include fitness.

Joe & Jeff Foster were the co-founders of this company way back in 1958. It deals in producing, designing, selling and distributing fitness and running footwear and sportswear.


If trendy footwear is what you are searching for, so as to make a fashion statement, then Jordan can be your natural choice. this multinational company is quite popular among its fashion conscious shoppers and also is considered to be the ultimate choice of many athletes and sportsperson.

It was established by Michael Jordan in 1984 and has managed to come up with a diversified, quality product portfolio, which includes attractive, durable footwear with distinct and appealing designs and styles.

The above are the top five brands that you should look into in 2019.


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