5 Best Tips to Follow When Wearing A Wristwatch: Men’s Guide to Watches

men's guide to wristwatches

Best tips for men on watches

Watches are a must for men, and while deciding to buy it becomes a tough experience. Watches come with different features and qualities, leading to confusion. However, it is best to concentrate on the wearer’s style and personality to get the right watch. Here are a few tips for men watches that may be of some help.

Right Size

how to choose the right size of wristwatch for men

Looking for the right size is not only for clothes, but it is also a must to consider while buying a watch. Choosing a watch that is not too big or small for your wrist is crucial. If it is too big, it will appear garish, and when it is small, it will appear as though you are wearing a watch from the women’s accessories. Normally, men’s watches are in 34 -50mm.

Hand to wear

Wearing a watch on the left hand is customary, while many wear it on the right hand. It means people doing most activities in the right-hand look for a sturdier watch.  Thus, when you decide to buy a watch, consider buying one that has a circumference of 6 to 7 inches and features a 38-42mm width. If you have a wrist larger than 7 inches, go for 44-46mm wide cases. Try the watch to understand if it is proportional to your hand and eyeball. Watches are statement pieces. You can try the rap-mogul, or giant watches, as well.

Match with event

Any ordinary watch is an easy go-to with any attire. It is sturdy and impartial, permitting you to wear it on your wrist for the entire day. Such tough ones are in hardened steel. On the other hand, a formal watch is suitable for formal occasions such as christening, wedding, engagement, musical drama, exhibitions, formal suppers, and such typical events. A formal watch comes with embellishments or adornments. It looks different as it is in a different metal tone.

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A man may go for a gold watch or a gold sleeve fastener.  However, men need to have or buy different watches. It enables them to coordinate with their other accessories, such as belts and shoes. Or buy bands in dark colors to suit all the occasions and events.

Watch Dial

Buying a watch implies looking into many details. Watch dials are in different colors, white, blue, black, or cream color. The black dial represents formality, blue denotes confidence and trust, the white for light and purity, and cream is suitable for simple events and formal wear. Men’s wrist looks good with blue and black color dials. 

The dials are in different types. They feature numbers or have ancient roman numbers in the dials. There are clear watch dials that come minus the reference points. When it comes to choosing, a watch without a dial is an accessory. It is suitable for a place or places where time is not a crucial factor. If you want to be perfect, go for the ancient roman dial, and it will also look different. The dials clarity is vital so that the main purpose of knowing the time does not go unnoticed. 


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