5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair for Both Men and Women


How can you get rid of back hair ?

From hard to reach places, removing hairs can be a cumbersome process. Back hairs may create a nuisance, or they even can make you feel uncomfortable in public if you are looking for a poolside hangout or flaunt your body.

There are numerous ways by which back hair can be removed, but not all leave you with the same results. They all have their pros and cons. Ever wondered what’s the best way to remove back hair? Few strategies that can be used to unload back hairs are electrical back shavers, shaving, depilatory cream, waxing, lasers, traditional methods, etc

Electrical back shavers

man using electrical back hair shaver
electrical back shaver

Initially, the one that tops the list is- Electrical back shavers. Electrical back shavers are one of the preferred methods that men use for getting rid of back hairs. This is a DIY strategy. These back shavers are available at many outlets and even on online stores like- Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

They are specially designed in such a way that they can reach every nook and corner of your back. What makes them unique, electrical back shavers come in numerous shapes and sizes by which most of the unreachable areas of the back like middle and lower back can be gained easy access to but this trimming option may leave tiny hairs that can grow back and it’s temporary.


Another way can be to shave your back for which you will require a pair of hands or it will prove to be a lot challenging and may leave you with burns or rashes if not properly handled.

Depilatory cream

Depilatory cream for back hair
Depilatory cream

A distinct method can be using Depilatory for eradicating back hairs.  This method proves to be better than the one mentioned earlier as it gives better results than shaving and gives a smoother feel but you still require a pair of hands for this work. But it’s a temporary option, hair begins to grow again within a week or two. It is not long-lasting.


Back Waxing

Next in the list is Waxing– One of the exclusive salon services for men. It lasts longer than the depilatory creams, but it requires days of cautious recovery, not to mention the likelihood of breakout or infection which can be prevented using antibacterial washes immediately after the procedure.

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Waxing is also one of the common ways by which you can rip of your hairs and it will last for a month, but it may prove to be painful to some amateurs going for a clean look appearance. One of the agonizing procedures available in the market is waxing. But you can have a sigh of relief as the skin on the back is bit thick and resistant, so you will feel less pain. The method is less time consuming, effective and long-lasting as compared to the aforementioned methods. On the other hand, hair removal cream gives you a temporary result and is not painful.


man getting laser hair removal
laser hair removal

Last but not least is getting a laser treatment. Laser hair removal can be a worthy substitute. Using laser, of course, is a long-lasting and even a “permanent” solution to the hair problem. However, it comes with its cons too! It is an expensive procedure and may leave you with your purse strings tight. Even though costlier, Laser hair removal treatment can prove to be a potent way of getting a tidy back.

Traditional methods

Other options like using tea tree oil, neem oil or a combination of folklore procedure may prove beneficial for removing back hairs but are mostly uncommon and are not very promising candidates.


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