5 habits destroying your skin right now


Do you want to have a clear skin? Men have a habit to ignore their beauty but times have changed and more and more guys are opening up to skin care regimen to look better; possibly even more than their female counterparts, when it comes to having a glowing complexion.

Poor habits are one of the commonest reasons for damaged and bad skin health. If you are stuck to some wrong habits, you are likely to have sun damage, wrinkles, acne, pimples and other problems. These are 5 habits that might be destroying your skin right now and should be avoided at the earliest.

1. Not using Sunscreen

In case you are not applying sunscreen while going out under the sun, you are making a big mistake. Many men are not used to applying sunscreen on their body, especially on their face, because they think it makes them look feminine. But when it comes to improving beauty, there is no male or female – right? Everybody should spend some time and energy into beauty and skincare, and look the best at all times.

Most men are of the opinion that they are fine without using sunscreen and putting it on will not help them much. However, that is one of the biggest mistakes in countries where the sun is too bright in all seasons – especially during the summer months. Before stepping out, you should apply sunscreen onto your body and face, to give them improve protection. Sunscreen can keep your skin protected from sun damage as well as prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be extremely dangerous and can also lead to skin cancer.

Naturally, you need to apply sunscreen before you go outside, to ensure good health of your skin.

2. Not wearing sunglasses

While going outside, if there is too much light and the sun is glaring so much that you are squinting, you have to know that it can actually give you wrinkles. Wearing sunglasses can make you avoid these, help your face look more symmetrical and make you look generally better. It is a wonderful accessory that can add to your overall appearance and protect your skin and the eyes.

3. Not washing your face at night

If you forget to wash your face at night, it is a very bad habit that you are following. All day long, a lot of grime and dirt settle on your face that must be wiped clean. You might have noticed your work desk being slightly dusty when you go to work every day? Your face is really oilier than the surface of your desk, and dust will stick to your facial skin. Naturally, before going to bed or lying down on your pillow on bed, you need to wash it all off.

It is not good to sleep without washing your face at least once at night, because all night your face will rub against the surface of your pillow. That is not good. With proper washing of your face, you can eliminate all the impurities, oils and dirt from your facial skin.

It is important to note that when you wash your face at night, along with the dirt, debris and impurities, the natural oils from your facial skin are removed as well. Sometimes, these natural oils are necessary for the good health of your facial skin. Due to this reason, before going to bed, you should apply a good moisturizer for the rehydration of your face.

4. Eating improper foods

Following a bad diet is another of the poor habits that is destroying your facial skin for sure. There are specific types of foods that you must avoid, as these will only end up damaging your skin more and more.

In case you are consuming foods that are high on carbohydrates – such as bread, and yogurt, butter, ice cream and dairy products of similar type, those will only end up ruining your skin health. Even the tastiest of fast foods out there will ruin your skin as well as overall physique.

Try to eat sweets, such as chocolates, in moderation. The more that you consume sweet foods, the oilier your skin will be and you will suffer from more acne, pimples and breakouts. When you eat healthy, you will feel healthy and your skin will glow with radiance.

It is a good idea to have a healthy and balanced diet. While having dairy foods, bread and sweet foods, try to keep them to a minimum or in moderation, in order to ensure proper balance and have good effects on your skin without going overboard.

5. Avoid touching your face constantly

Do you have a habit of touching your face every now and then? Then that is something that you need to avoid, particularly these days when you should not be doing that in any case, with all that is happening outside and the threat of Covid looming large.

You can end up having a dirty face. Also, if you have a habit of picking your nose after grabbing something, such as the handle of a public transport vehicle, you might suffer from an infection.

When you are bored, one of the first things that you do is touch your face every now and then, and then touch many other objects, and then again come back to your face. When you do that all the dust and dirt from the materials around go into your skin. It can lead to breakouts and even skin infection in some cases. It is always important to keep your hands clean and wash your fingers every now and then, properly.

It is a good idea not to touch your face all the time during the day.

Final Words

It is not that difficult to maintain proper skin health. It is just important to be more conscious about your daily life and activities and avoid the aforementioned bad habits, in order to keep skin problems at bay. That is the least that you can do for good skin health.


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