5 leather Boots That Every Man Should Try in 2019


The best leather boots for men this year

It is essential for every man and woman to have a stylish looking quality pair of boot in the closet, so that it can be worn for all purposes and occasions, as and when desired. Leather boots are considered to be versatile accessories and wonderful options depending upon your specific choice.

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It can also offer amazing performance features to keep your feet dry, warm and well protected during autumn and winter. Taking proper care of them will ensure its longevity and also provide you with that elevated stylish look. It also will last for a lifetime. But, you need to select a sturdy pair, a Chelsea style having plenty of broguing to wear on fancy occasions or those fashionable high heeled types. In case, you do not prefer cowhide leather, then you can also always opt for synthetic or suede, as both are beautiful options offering own advantages.

Top 5 leather boots in 2019 to consider

Red Wing Iron Ranger

Red Wing Iron Ranger Men's Boots

It is a premium leather boot that does require lots of care. It is water, perspiration and stain resistant, comes with Goodyear Welt construction and has amber harness upper leather. It also is resoleable and has steel shank. This is a must for all fashion conscious men and has been designed keeping protection in mind. It also features a stylish and beautiful silhouette. They can be worn to match raw denim and can go perfectly with well dressed up or to derive that casual look.

Dr. Martens Pascal

Dr. Martens Men's Pascal Combat Boot

It has leather upper, non-slip outsole, is abrasion resistant, cushioned to provide greater comfort and at heel is present a pull tab. It is slightly heavy, but stylish looking. This iconic style was initially created to cater to the needs of those workers who require wearing sturdy boots of high quality outsole to ensure working in oily and wet conditions. They can also be found made from different types of patterns and upper materials including vegan options, leather, fabric and also of glittery styles. Irrespective of the chosen style, standard air cushioned sole can be availed with greater durability.

Caterpillar Echo

Caterpillar Echo mens boots

It comes with PI Foam footbed, steel toe, breathable lining, is slip resistant and protects from all electrical hazards. But it is found in small sizing and has short laces. This boot does offer superior protection to those undertaking dangerous, tough jobs. It is also comfortable similar to a sneaker because it’s superior design and great technology.

Durango Slouch

Durango Men's SW542 Boot

Made from high quality soft leather, there is no break-in period. It has stable heel, steel shank and moisture wicking lining. The only disadvantage is its narrow heel area. It is a classic western styled boot that can be worn for various occasions with great elegance and comfort. Acute attention has been provided to details and comes with fine stitching. It helps the feet to stay dry, comfortable and cool even after long wear. This boot’s heals are under two inches. They help the legs to appear long and enjoy dry pants.

Thursday Boot Co. Captain

Thursday Boot Co. Captain

It has leather lining, suede or leather upper, rust-proof hardware, is handcrafted and has supportive insole. It is a bit on the expensive side. This boot is better described as comfortable and sophisticated and is of superior quality, thus making it a wonderful addition to the wardrobe. It can appear great wearing almost anything ranging from slacks to jeans. It also protects you from bad weather elements including rain.

Wearing the best leather boot is sure to help you to appear elegant, feel stylish and comfortable and be respected and adored by everyone that you come across.


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