5 Moves That Boosts Your Metabolism and Strengthen Your Core

5 Moves That Boosts Your Metabolism and Strengthen Your Core

5 best exercises to boost your metabolism, strengthen your core and sculpt your lower back

With Covid-19 virus taking lives the world-over, it has become important for everyone, irrespective of age and gender to perform various types of exercises to be fit and boost immunity level. If you want to strengthen your core, boost your metabolism and sculpt lower back, then you need to follow the given below exercise regimen.

These are 5 best exercises that will definitely boost your metabolism

Marching Glute Bridge

fit woman doing marching glute bridge exercise

With bent knees, arms by sides and flat feet on floor lie faceup. Raise hips by pressing through heels to enable your body to become a straight line to knees from shoulder. Then with 90 degree bent knees, rise right foot until shin gets parallel to floor. Be in this position for about 3 seconds and then lower down foot. With left, repeat it and alternate.

Skater hop

fitness woman doing skater hops exercise
image by get healthy u

Cross left leg behind right one and lower your body to half-squat position, with left arm across hips and right arm to side. Hop to left and switch arms and legs to complete one rep. Alternate sidewise and hop quickly.

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Plank Walk-up

In plank position, keep elbows under shoulders, forearms on floor, with extended legs behind you. Then place left hand in flat position on floor and next left. Straighten arms to pushup stance. Then lower onto right to get back to start, then left, forearms. Leading with left hand, repeat and alternate.

Alternating reverse lunge

woman doing reverse lunge

With clasped hands behind head, stand by keeping feet hip-width apart. Using right leg, step back to lower body until left knee gets bent to about 90 degrees. Then push back up to complete one rep. Next, switch legs to repeat.



With bent knees, lie on ground and keep feet flat hip-width apart on floor. Keep arms by your side and press feet into floor. Then raise buttocks off ground to form straight line to knees from shoulders. With shoulders kept on floor, squeeze buttocks. Then lower down buttocks to ground to get few seconds rest.  Repeat for 15 times and take rest for a minute. Complete 15 repetitions in 3 sets.

The above exercises are good enough to boost your metabolism, sculpt your lower back and strengthen your core.


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