5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays


You may recently have put excess body weight and would like to get back into good shape. Holidays are rather the best time to do so. Whether you are a working man or a teenager, you should make plans to shed down weight and stay healthy. Moreover, you need strong body immunity. This helps keep at bay the likes of Covid-19, Omnicron and other viruses that has otherwise caused death in many countries. You may perhaps have taken a week or so off from your work or having your summer holidays at college. If so, then why not put it to good use! You can indeed plan for a healthy and physically fit holiday season.

5 valuable tips to stay healthy while enjoying your holidays

Holidays are indeed great times to relax, spend quality time with your family, relatives and friends alike. At the same time, you also need to give ample time to your own health and ensure you remain disease-free. For this, you need to just follow five easy-to-follow tips given below.

  • Stay active: You should always be active to keep your hormones functioning. If you are having holidays form work or studies, does not necessarily mean you should neglect all physical activities. Rather, during this specific period, you are to become more active. You can plan to perform various types of exercises as it can be extremely good mentally and physically. Doing exercises can help eliminate stress as well as allow you to forget all your worries at least temporarily. The truth is that you may not develop bulging muscles in such a short time during the holidays. But then, you can get a head start to having a better, healthy and physically fit life. You can stay motivated to continue and do much better to reduce stored fat and develop your body. Health experts strongly recommend increasing physical activity level during festivities. If for example, you have run already for about 3 times a week, then why not run for the fourth time. It will do a lot of good for your body and mind. Besides feeling better, you also are also likely to burn more calories. Simply do not ruin your efforts of exercising only to eat more. This will not do any good, but only cause more trouble.

  • Avoid overeating: It is quite natural that during holidays and festivities, food occupies the major part. There are prepared a wide range of delicacies throughout the day and can form a wonderful treat. It can be quite tough for anyone to resist having such tasty foods. Life can become more miserable for foodies and those who just cannot think life without food. But then you need to control yourself and remember to lead a healthy life. Hence, you need to set a goal of how much to consume. It is not mandatory that you have to look the other way when fatty foods are served on the table. Rather, why not consume less than what you have originally. You need to understand that excess food consumption may only cause digestive troubles. It includes gastroesophageal reflux and indigestion. It is very much possible to avoid such digestive issues. You just need to moderate food intake. Hence, you are to be aware of when to say no to food. Practice the below-mentioned to gain control over your food habits and to stay healthy:
    • Be easy on cream sauces, desserts, meats, appetizers, etc. and have more of healthy choices.
    • Consume food slowly since the brain is known to take approximately 20 minutes to send that warning sign of being full.
    • Do not force yourself to consume whatever is kept near you. Rather, it will be better to select those that you find healthy and enjoy the most. If you suffer from gastrointestinal issues, then you can take help of the pharmacist.
    • At least half of your plate should be filled with vegetables. Also consume plenty of water as it helps to digest food better.

  • Avoid food poisoning: During holidays, there are always the increased risks of food poisoning. The turkey that has been stuffed the previous night might be filled with harmful bacteria. Turkey’s cavity tends to isolate stuffing from cold air, thereby allowing rapid growth of bacteria. Thereby to reduce food poisoning risks, you need to follow some basic rules concerning safe preparation of food, manipulating and storing it.
    • Cook foods only at recommended temperatures. All leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator after a meal.
    • Avoid cross-contamination (keep ready to eat or cooked foods away from raw poultry or meat).
    • Wash hands frequently. Clean thoroughly all work surfaces and cooking utensils.

  • Limit alcohol consumption: Excess drinking may only cause serious damage to health. Its adverse affects may affect the whole body and not limit to just experiencing hangover. It is better to limit alcohol consumption to about 3 to 4 glasses, but not more than 15 glasses a week. Moreover, if alcohol is consumed in excess, it controls your mind and leave you physically tired. Moreover, you are likely to have fatty foods with it. This will make you feel bloated after sometime. It is quite natural to party with the family or friends during holidays and alcohol is a must have. But then, you should be aware of your limits that you should set immediately.

  • Take out some valuable time for yourself: You may be spending time at work, with your friends or family members. Why not give some valuable time to yourself. Holidays are indeed the best time to do so. If you feel very tired, then you do risk exhaustion, thereby increasing stress levels considerably. Hence, between hosting, cooking and shopping, do ensure taking adequate rest. At least find out some time to just relax. This will help you to clear your mind and feel you refreshed and rejuvenated. What you need is just a few moments with yourself. To recharge, you simply need to rewind. Take out time to go for a stroll early in the morning or in the evening. You may watch a favorite movie, play or listen to music or play interesting games. Even reading a good novel will do a lot of good to energize yourself. Simply pamper yourself during this free time, not thinking about office work at all.

Stay healthy and relaxed!

Thus, following the above five tips will allow you to enjoy your holidays happily and healthily.


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