7 best cardio exercises to burn fat


It can be quite difficult to lose weight – that is excess weight, from your body. Diet has a big role to play in weight loss objectives but there is actually no alternative to working out, when it comes to losing weight in a healthy way. 

Cardio exercises can be one of the best ways to burn the additional fat in your body, and use them as energy. These are some simple workouts that can help you in fat burning, weight loss and looking amazing. With the help of cardio exercises, you can boost your weight loss, improve circulation, boost your immunity and give a lift to your mood, while keeping your heart healthy at the same time.

1. Running

There are enormous benefits of running and it is one of the best workouts for weight loss that does not need any equipment other than a pair of solid running shoes. Running for a while every morning can work wonders for your body and you can manage to lose as many as 400 calories each hour by running at a speed of about 9 km per hour.

If you want to burn fat, the best way to get fantastic cardio is to go on a long run. Not everybody can get access to a long running track and if you are one search person, you can run on a treadmill at the gym or at home. You can set the incline of your treadmill to 2 – 3%, for simulating running in the outside environment.

In this way, you can burn more amount of calories – which can actually be easier on your knees. In case you feel bored while running in enclosed environments, it is better to join a local running club or try different running routes in your old neighborhood. It can be much easier for you to make the miles go by, when you run with a group or partner.

2. Jogging

It is another of the most commonly practiced cardio exercises and has multiple advantages. When done in a proper way, it can be wonderful for the body and give you one of the best forms of cardio exercises. If you wish to lose a significant number of calories, around 280 cal, you have to run at a speed of around 10 km per hour.

Even if you are unable to do that, even light jogging can be very useful for your body. It is time that you pull up your socks, slip on your shoes and go jogging outside.

3. Cycling

You can do this in two ways. You can go indoor cycling on a stationary bike at a speed of 20 km per hour and ride for 30 minutes – to be able to lose up to 350 calories.

In case you are feeling adventurous and have an expensive bike already – that is gathering rust in your garage, you might consider oiling it up. With only half an hour of cycling outdoors at a speed of 22 to 24 km per hour, you can manage to burn about 420 calories.

In order to maximize burning of your calories in a minimum amount of time, try doing intervals on a stationary bike. Try to keep your intensity quite high on the intervals for about two minutes and then slow down for 1 minute and go on repeating these intervals. Try to do this for as long as you feel comfortable.

4. Swimming

When it comes to cardiovascular exercises for losing weight, swimming is one of the best cardio workouts to try – which gives the least amount of stress on the knees. Try to go swimming for one hour and try the most relaxing breast strokes at a normal pace for that much time.

You can manage to lose up to 476 cal that way. If you want to burn more calories, try the more rigorous freestyle strokes. What stops you from getting out your swimming trunks?

5. Dancing

Dancing is another of the wonderful cardiovascular exercises and while some of the moves can be quite rigorous, others can be light enough. You will love to do it in studios as well as at home, during your spare time.

With a hardcore dance workout for an hour, you can manage to burn as many as 400 calories from your body. Even light dancing, such as during your date night, can help you to stay trim to some extent. So try to move your body and burn your calories. 

6. Skipping

If you want to burn your calories without spending a lot of time, cardiovascular exercises with skipping ropes can be one of the best ways to do so. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive equipments for exercising that you can find out there and it needs to be in your fitness kit.

It is true that a lot of difference is made by how many reps you do and how fast you skip, but you can manage to lose up to 670 cal with 100 skips a minute for 1 hour.

7. Climbing stairs

You can also get one of the best cardiovascular exercises in the form of stair climbing. If you have stairs in your home, you can climb it at high speed to burn calories as well as improve your overall posture. This activity is very easily available and accessible.

It is possible to burn up to 850 calories by running up the stairs for 1 hour. Even with 10 minutes of running up a flight of stairs, it is possible to get rid of as many as 220 cal. Even while working, you can take a break for that much time, to exercise in that way.


When it comes to choosing which kind of cardio exercise is best for fat burning, and suitable for you, you need to decide on which type of body you are planning to have – little muscle and very lean body or more or less muscular body with an average lean body type.

Whichever exercise you choose to do, keep in mind that intensity matters a lot. With rising intensity, you can manage to burn more number of calories. If you want to maintain or even gain some muscle and get shredded at the same time, high intensity interval workouts can be the best option for you.


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