7 Best Grooming Tips For Bald Men


7 grooming tips every bald man should follow

Men across the globe as they reach 40+, tend to experience hair loss. Stress and tension has contributed a lot towards men growing bald even at a tender age of about 35. Bald men often are looked down and ridiculed by others, thus taking away their confidence and making them to lead a recluse life. But the average bald person can follow some exclusive grooming tips to appear stylish and impressive.

7 grooming tips exclusively for bald men

Shave your head frequently

Premature hair loss can be really stressful and a long as well as torturous process, resulting in lack of self-esteem and emotional issues. Shaving your head is sure to dissipate anxiety feeling and increase self-confidence.

Manage facial fuzz

On shaving your head your new look is sure to disturb you a bit. Without proper approach towards style and grooming, it may appear a bit bland. Growing facial hair is likely to rebalance the face as well as draw attention from your bald head.


Moisturizing your scalp prior to and after shaving helps it to be in top condition. You need t invest in moisturizers and matte cleansers which offer natural anti-shine effect. It reduces skin infecting and softens your scalp skin.

Pluck eyebrows

Your head’s overall shape and facial features is significantly impacted upon as you shave your head. Pluck your eyebrows regularly and shape them.

Signature scent

Although a small detail, it will impact significantly your grooming regime. Smelling nice, you can take great pride in yourself and for this, you need to invest in slightly bolder fragrances.

Oral hygiene

A man’s smile is definitely an important thing noticed by women. Hence, oral hygiene should be part of the grooming schedule and you need to have gleaming, white smile, whenever you open your mouth. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and also floss twice a day and mouthwash.

Wear fitting clothes

The right type of well fitting clothes can enhance the style quotient of every bald man. The garments worn should define and optimize your body shape.

The above 7 grooming tips when followed will make you happy and stylish even as a bald man.


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