7 best lip balm for men


Perhaps, you are experiencing stubborn chapped lips. It may be giving you the pains, thus requiring you to find proper remedies to smoothen it again. But then being a man, will it be beneficial to use lip balm available for women? No! It does not make much sense. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who have launched a whole range of lip balm products created exclusively for men. Since every formula has been created differently, it becomes essential to know more about them.

Searching for the perfect men’s lip balm

It does require you do some experiments to find the lip balm that perfectly suits your lips and requirements. Mainly, it should work for you. There are several popular salves, glosses and balms in the market that is said to contain irritating agents. If it does not suit your health, then it might only worsen dryness, inflammation and flakiness. Even after using the perfect ingredient combination, the texture of the lip balm may rub the skin in a wrong manner. This, in turn, will only cause uncomfortable slimy or sticky feeling that you are sure to not like. Hence, you need to stick to the top brands offering quality products. Experiment with them and finalize a product that works best for you.

Availing proper remedy

It could be that you have tried some lip balms that only has left your pout much more drier rather being softer. This can be disastrous. This article offers 7 top lip balms for men that are sure to work to provide adequate remedy. You can use them to make your holiday season and winter weather more interesting. No more do you have to bother about flaky skin, dry patches, cracked and chapped lips. There are products to take care of such issues. Whatever be your skin type, you can get a product within your budget.

How to select the best men’s lip balm?

If you have sensitive skin, then it becomes important to choose the right product to avoid causing issues to your skin. It is not just possible to try out every product. But then, you can always go through the reviews put up by other reviews. Also find out what the manufacturer has to say about the ingredients used, their performance. Equally important is to know how they impact your lips overall condition, dryness and softness. Next, you are to consider the lip balm’s wear and texture. Avoid those that feel greasy, sticky or tacky. However, with diverse preferences, it will be necessary to first identify your own likings and disliking. Some may prefer to choose not much shine feel while others choose moisture-heavy and thick formulas. Even are available several scented choices for those preferring to use sweet smelling lip balms. To nourish and repair cracked lips that require deep conditioning, it will be wise to use treatment masks overnight along with lips balms. The right selection of lip treatments is sure to make the pout silky smooth. It will also never dry out and remain smooth, thus being the favourites.

7 moisturising men’s lip balms

Hemp Lip Balm:

This product is created from hemp seed oil. The manufacturer claims that using this product regularly can offer matte finish besides hydrating your lips. It is what makes this lip balm among the most sought over product.

Lip lightening balm:

A good number of men are found to be exposed heavily to pollution and harsh sunrays. Their lips unfortunately turn dark and lifeless. This is a problem that is faced even by regular smokes. Besides using lip lightening balm, also will be required regular exfoliation. It can help cure dark lips, smoothen and nourish it. This product has ingredients like shea butter meant for hydration while beetroot extract provides lips with a natural tint.


Guava and Blueberry Lip Balms:

This amazing men’s lip balm combo comprises of two exciting, fruity flavoured lip balm. Essential oils are used in them to provide a light scent and use all-natural ingredients to offer intense hydration, but without any tint.

Lip repair balm having Vitamin E:

Those desiring to treat their dry, chapped and dark lips should find lip balms having Vitamin E. This is a wonderful ingredient that is present in this lip balm along with mango butter and almond oil. These ingredients combined together provide the desired goodness to heal chapped lips. It also safeguards your lips from sun damage and pollution.

Lip balm having Vitamin E:

This lip balm is created exclusively heal men’s lip and has been launched by the well established brand ‘The Man Company’. It is an amazing solution for those with chapped, dry lips and is rich in Vitamin E and almond oil. Its natural formula helps hydrate, nourish as well as safeguard your lips from harsh winter dryness.

Vanilla Mint and Coconut Chapsticks:

This chapstick combo is also a wonderful selection. Coconut lip balm is meant to be used during night time before going to sleep while Vanilla Mint one having 15 SPF is meant for daytime use. This product is filled with natural ingredients and assures to hydrate your lips. It also protects the lips from the harsh exposure to sun while promoting cell regeneration.

Calendula Lip Moisturizer:

This lip balm is created from 100% natural butter and essential oils. It is a unique product and is meant for those who reside in warmer regions. More than a lip balm, it can be rightly termed to be a moisturizer. This means, your skin can absorb it very quickly and without causing any undesired effects. It can prove to be a wonderful product if you require only light nourishment for your lips.

Therefore, going through the above 7 products will allow you to know the top 7 lip products created for men. The fact is that even men are health and beauty conscious these days. Moreover, no one would prefer to have chapped, dry lips. Besides being uncomfortable, they are also painful. Hence, your lips deserve the right kind of treatment on time. Using the right product will enable you to get the results in a couple of days.


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