7 Best Accessories Rules For Men to Follow: Men’s Guide To Accessories

best ways to wear accessories for men

How to rock accessories correctly for men 

Men’s fashion is not limited to few accessories. There are many that any average outfit looks dapper only with the right accessories. The men’s accessories addition makes a big difference, be it their sunglasses, watches, or rings. Now, the men’s accessories are much beyond the basic elements and make a difference that it is a must to know how to wear the accessories correctly.

Less is More

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Follow the slogan ‘less is more.’ You may have men’s accessories as a great collection. It does not mean you must wear all at once. It is not bad to stack up in your hand a few bracelets in association with your watch. However, do not try stacking both your hands. Less is more suits the accessories. Pay attention to the accessories quality that you are wearing than the number of accessories. It should look effective on accessorizing. Thus, keeping it less looks perfect.


handsome man necktie accessorie

Neckties are not a new accessory addition. It is a part of the professional world. Taking out the necktie makes the outfit casual from being business formal. However, while accessorizing with a necktie, ensure the tie tip touches the beltline.  Choose a necktie complementing your shirt collar makes a great combination. You may try different styles of knotting. You can also wear a necktie going with your checks shirt. However, for formal occasions, do not choose novelty ties. Always check that the thin part of the tie is shorter and does not flap around. Tuck it inside perfectly.


stylish man rings accessories trend

Rings are one of the fashion accessories. Men do not wear large jewels as it looks gaudy and does not go well with their outfits. Even the rings as simple bands look the best, instead of huge topping or heavy rings. The rings of men can be in anything, silver, gold, or any other material. They can wear rings as they wish and there is no restriction to wear only a wedding ring.

Right Sunglasses

handsome man stylish sunglasses fashion

Sunglasses are the most desired accessory that elevates your look single-handedly. It is a must to choose a suitable pair of sunglasses, and you must consider two things importantly:

  • Think of the event or occasion, if wearing sunglasses is required. If the occasion, or event is indoors, there is no need to add sunglasses. Besides, even if it outdoors under some roof, while you anticipate more socializing, wearing blackout sunglasses is not appropriate.
  • Ensure to buy and wear sunglasses suiting your face shape.

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cool stylish scarve accessories men

Scarves are one of the accessories when weather necessitates. Scarves are useful even in the heat, but it should be light scarf. During winters, wearing heavy scarves around your neck is helpful. They are an accessory that provides colors to your outfit.


trending belts for men

Belts are simple pieces, but keep your outfit in combination together. Belts are worn during formal occasions, and matching your shoes and belt, looks great. You can wear different shades in a casual setting. Wearing casual shoes and matching belts looks bizarre. You can opt for a web belt as a militaristic or casual look.


mens stylish footwear trend accessories

Footwear is not an accessory. It is an essential part of any outfit, like clothing. However, shoe styles are varied and come in different materials. Leather is the choice of footwear for most men at casual times. A beachwear or casual wear is associated with sandals but is worn without socks.

Simple things to bear in mind with accessories are:

  • Simpler the best. Overdoing with accessories does not suit, such as wearing three- four rings on each finger, four to five bracelets in each hand.
  • Wear accessories matching and fitting your clothes, whether it is your belt or necktie.
  • Keep to main colors, they look clean.


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