7 Damaging Errors Men Make | Horrible Hair Mistakes



Men, your hair hates you. You’re hurting it every day by committing minor mistakes. These easy blunders affect your hair and scalp. It’s okay; you’re not alone; most males err in this way. The seven worst hair blunders that most guys make will be highlighted in today’s post, along with instructions on how to correct each one.

Let’s go for it!

1. Do Not Take Hot Shower

Showering with overly hot water is the largest hair-related error guys make. A hot shower feels wonderful, I know what you’re thinking. To maintain the good health of the hair, you should check and monitor the temperature of the shower. We are not recommending you have to take a chilly shower. The ideal temperature for showers is 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). This will provide you with a comfortable, quick shower without endangering your head or scalp.

2. Using Too Many Hair Products

Depending on the type of conditioner you have used, using too much hair product can have negative effects. Your hair may end up looking oily and/or dirty if you use too many hair creams and gels. If hairspray is not cleaned and is not handled, it can cause your hair to become flaky, crunchy, and harsh. If applied in excess, styling lotions can make your hair look floppy and hold it in place.


3. Failure To Use The Proper Styling Products

If you have fine hair, you should choose a lighter product, such as a gel or cream, to prevent weight buildup. Your hair may appear much thinner if you use a thick product like hairspray!

If you have thick, smooth, or curly hair, you may require a product with a firmer grip, such as a pomade, clay, or putty. Never be afraid to experiment with a variety of products till you discover the one that makes your hair behave nicely!

Make sure they are all-natural hair care products, otherwise, the product will ruin your hair.  So, you should only use high-quality hair styling products.

4. Using Too Many Products Is An Error.

You probably use too much lotion. Many men think they are doing OK after “globbing” a lot of gel into their hair. By using too much cream, they are throwing money away and risking their hair.

What amount should you use?

  • You should only consider using a nickel-sized amount of the product on short hair (shaved to a length of 2 inches).
  • You should also use a quarter-sized amount on medium-length hair (2 inches to 5 inches).
  • You must also apply two quarter-sized portions or more for long hair (5 inches or more).

It could be better to change to a solution with a firmer grip when you’re using the suggested quantity of inventory but still don’t have sufficient control over your hair.

5. Not Understanding Your Brushes

You only need one brush to get any style, right?


Your hair’s thickness, and the apparent thickness, could all be significantly influenced by the brush’s form and quantity of bristles. This determines the thickness of the tines. Even brushes can provide extremely distinct looks (bristles). There are more brushes and combings available for some hair types than others.

6. Using Too Much Force on Your Hair

You should treat your hair gently, especially if it’s wet. To wash the hair, many guys vigorously rub a towel through it. Your hair will suffer if you do this!

I understand that you’re pressed for time and eager to have your hair dry so you can complete the rest of your morning bathroom tasks. It’s not worth it, I promise.

7. Hair Is Not Being Moisturised.

Do you ever question why your hair is constantly dry and lifeless? Your routine can contain a variety of errors. You must first understand that your skin is the largest organ of the physique in your body and that water makes up a sizable amount of it. You can use the essential oils for moisturizing your hair.


You’ve made a good start toward reducing your hair’s hatred of you.

Your hair will look or feel healthier if you correct all seven of these terrible hair faults, and people around you will realize!


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