The Best 7 Days Keto Meal Plan For Maximum Fat Loss

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7-day keto meal plan to lose weight fast without starving

Keto diet is one of the most effective diet plan for fat loss and healthy eating. The goal of any dietary routine is to reduce the amount of carbs, and improve proteins. Meanwhile, it is also important for you to focus on the percentage of fats in your diet. Together, you will be able to aid weight loss. Ketosis is easy said than done. Mainly because it depends on how metabolism improves in your body.

Here is a simple 7 days keto diet plan to get you started.

Day 1

Your carb intake should be 20.7g.

  • Breakfast: cheddar cheese with sautéed onions and egg scrambled.
  • Lunch:deli ham with mixed greens and avocados. Opt for blue cheese dressing.
  • Snack: Zucchini cut into small sticks.
  • Dinner: Baked catfish with veggies

Day 2

Your carb intake should be 20.6g.

  • Breakfast: Scrambled sausages
  • Lunch: opt for bell pepper with ranch dressing and a bacon-cheddar cheese soup
  • Snack: a stalk of celery with delicious cream cheese
  • Dinner: pork chop with tasty cheddar and cauliflower mash

Now, you need start exercising to keep the ketosis going. Also, workout helps in using the excess glucose in the body.

Day 3

Your carb intake should be 19.7g.

  • Breakfast: Cheese omelet with spinach
  • Lunch: grilled chicken with tomatoes, avocado salad and spinach
  • Snack:opt for an Atkin based strawberry shake
  • Dinner: delicious beef sautéed with roasted vegetables

Now, you may experience the keto flu. You need plenty of sleep and healthy fats to combat this.

Day 4

Your carb intake should be 19.3g.

  • Breakfast:spinach and cheese omelet with salsa
  • Lunch:frozen chicken pot pie without the crust
  • Snack: French vanilla shake
  • Dinner: hamburger with jack cheese, avocado and tomato.

In case you want something sweet to munch, you can opt for a chocolate pecan pie.

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Day 5

Your carb intake should be 19.3g.

  • Breakfast:¼ cup of cheddar cheese, two eggs and salsa
  • Lunch: frozen con crane with mixed greens and Italian dressing
  • Snack:red bell pepper with scrumptious ranch dressing
  • Dinner: California cobb salad, with ranch dressing

If you are craving for food-from outdoor places, choose restaurants that serve keto-friend dishes.

Day 6

Your carb intake should be 20.7g.

  • Breakfast:creamy eggs with spinach and red bell pepper
  • Lunch: tuna salad with stalks celery and some mayonnaise
  • Snack: Portobello mushroom with pepper jack cheese
  • Dinner: Italian sausages, with baby spinach and onions

On day 6, you can choose to celebrate your keto-diet with some low-carb drink.

Day 7

Your carb intake should be 20.8g.

  • Breakfast: pumpkin flax seed pancakes
  • Lunch: 6 Oz chicken breasts with radishes and Italian dressing
  • Snack: Cream cheese and celery stalks
  • Dinner: Baked Salmon with broccoli and charmoula


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