8 Exercises to Avoid at the Gym if You Are a Beginner


If you are a man who is new to gym workouts, then you should avoid certain exercises to overcome risks. As a beginner, you shouldn’t start heavy workouts immediately because they will result in potential threats. It is wise for you to know the correct positions and movements of exercises with a trainer that will help overcome complications significantly. Another thing is that they allow you to accomplish goals with the best results. You have to keep in mind that any exercise when done badly can impact your overall health. Therefore, make sure that you carry out them with extreme care to minimize unwanted problems.

Here is the list of some exercises you should avoid at the gym in the beginning stage that will help a lot to reduce hazards.

1.  Ab machine workouts

Ab machine is popular equipment used in a gym designed for strengthening the muscles significantly. It comes in different forms allowing you to improve the conditions of your adnominal muscles. On the other hand, you should consider giving them a miss. This is because wrong positioning in the machine can cause discomfort and other problems to a large extent.

Instead, you should consider doing some compound moves that will help enhance the quality of life. Some of them include press-ups, squats, Bulgarian spilled squats, and deadlifts. All of them help you gain more advantages. They allow you to build a rock-hard core that paves the way to get the desired outcomes in the bodybuilding process.

2. Bicep curls machine

Most gyms will have a bicep curls machine enabling you to strengthen your bicep muscles effectively. At the same time, you should avoid using this machine because it won’t support you while performing a full range of motions. Not only that, it may lead to postural issues due to uncomfortable awkward positions and other problems. You can try some traditional bicep curls instead of doing machine bicep curls machine.

3. Wrist curls

Wrist curls are suitable for building your forearm strength by they require proper training to prevent injuries or strains. While performing wrist curls, you should maintain strong waists and good mobility. If you are new to wrist curls, then you consider starting with lighter weights that will help prevent injuries. Instead, you can try some other ways that give ways to enhance the conditions of forearms and wrists. Some of them include pull-ups, bench presses, and tricep exercises.

4. Chair/bench dips

Men who are new to gym workouts should perform the chair/ bench dips properly to avoid shoulder injury. A bench dip is entirely different from a regular dip and you will make some mistakes while performing this activity. You can choose some alternatives to this exercise which will help gain more advantages. As a beginner, you should consider doing traditional push-ups instead of chair/bench dips. You can start from your knees that will help build strength and confidence levels effectively.

5. Smith machine squats

Smith machine squats are one of the exercises you should avoid in a gym because they can lead to unwanted stress and compression on the vertebrate. Furthermore, they can even limit the engagement of your glutes and hamstrings. Instead, you can consider doing classic squats that will help enhance mobility and strength. You should perform squats properly which gives ways to obtain optimal results. This will help a lot to condition your body and allow you to shape the muscles accordingly.

6. Bar back squats

A bar back squat is another activity you should consider avoiding in a gym. This is because the activity can lead to risks when it is not done carefully. You should know how to lift the bar while carrying out the activity. When you do this exercise with weak hamstrings and glutes, then you may face several problems. Hence, you should consider choosing some alternatives instead of bar back squats that will help meet the exact needs. It is important to balance the bar on the back of your shoulders and you need proper training to avoid risks.

7. Crunches

Crunches are other exercises you should avoid in a gym because they can cause back or shoulder pains. Furthermore, they can lead to poor posture that can affect your health in many ways. They can even wreak havoc on your spine that may result in potential hazards. Performing crunches will often create tension and restrictions in your hips which can result in various issues. You should strictly avoid doing crunches in a gym if you are a beginner. Instead, you should try some other exercise activities that will improve your position and other things. Apart from that, they let you focus more on your health goals with high success rates. You should consider how doing crunches will benefit you in your bodybuilding with a trainer.

8. Spinal twist

Spinal twist is one of the exercises that you should avoid doing in a gym. This is because it is very harmful to your spinal health and you need additional care to prevent risks. Furthermore, this exercise puts pressure on your lower back which can result in pains and other problems. Instead, you should consider doing some other basic exercises to achieve better results.

What are the common mistakes to avoid while performing activities in a gym?

  • You shouldn’t skip warm-ups in a gym because they play an important role in preparing your body for intense training and other activities
  • Most commercial gyms enable you to perform exercises with machines and you shouldn’t avoid the basics while carrying out the tasks
  • You should avoid lifting heavy objects as soon as possible because they can lead to injuries that are hard to recover
  • Overtraining can affect your performance levels and you should avoid the same after joining a gym
  • You should maintain patience while performing exercises in a gym that will help a lot to gain more advantages
  • You should follow the instructions provided by a trainer in detail because they allow you to overcome complications


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