A Complete Guide on Men’s Grooming – Best Grooming Routine for Men


Top 10 Grooming and Skin Care Tips for Men in 2019

Men’s grooming isn’t as complicated as women, however it should be taken seriously as it’s a  very important part of our life, a well groomed man always gets positive attention, you also feel more confident in yourself. Every man should have a good and healthy grooming routine, you don’t have to spend hours on make up and stuff like women do, You just need to give a little time and care.

A good grooming routine will not only make you look great, it will help you in long run. You’ll always look handsome and sexy.

Face Wash

I know i know you wash your face everyday but do you do it right? Washing your face incorrectly will keep you away from all the benefits of face wash.

You should wash your face at least twice a day, first face was in the morning, either right after you wake up or after morning shower, second right before you go to bed.

Step by step guide for a proper face wash.

  1. Wash your hands with soap
  2. Now wet your face with water
  3. Apply face wash (you should always use a genuine face wash for your face, you can check this post for top 10 skin care products for men) take out some face wash on your palm and smoothly apply on your face. it should not be too much, just a nickle is enough.
  4. Now spread it on your face gently and run smoothly, don’t go hard on your skin, slow and smooth works the best.
  5. Now you can wash your face gently and dry it with a towel, you can feel the difference when you do the face wash right.


This is very important guys! Shampoo your hairs at least three times a week and no more than four times a week, shampoo too often your hairs can damage your hairs as it contains lots of chemicals.

Get a nice hairstyle that suits you, don’t be shy of trying new hairstyles. There are so many different hair styles for men in 2019, men’s hairstyle can either spoil or put extra handesomeness. You can checkout my other post with the latest and cool hairstyles for men.

Moisturizers for Men

men's moisturizer

Yep! you heard it right, men should use moisturzers/whitening creams, moisturizer helps retain the moisture that’s already in your skin. our skins age eventually and you don’t want those lines and wrinkles on your face, face creams can help you reduce the speed of aging and make your face look fresh. In fact, men need to use moisturizers for all the same reasons women do.

There are so many good moisturizers for men, grab one and use it.

How to use moisturizers for men

You should use it twice a day, apply the face cream right after shower and before sleep. It helps your skin to stay fair and handsomely nice.

Men’s Cologne

Perfume plays a very important role in men’s grooming kit. This makes all the difference, go for something light and nice and don’t spray it too much, you might catch some attention but trust me nobody likes that strong smell.

Important: Don’t go for cheap perfumes.

Which perfume brand is the best for Men?

You might want to check this post out, these are some of the best colognes for Men.



I hate to say this but guys with long nails looks disgusting, you can ask this from any woman and you’ll understand what I mean.

Guys make sure to cut your nails every week or 10 days. Keep them nice and clean.

Beard and Body Hairs

I know that long beard is very Trendy these days but a men with clean shave looks very handsome. However if you are into beard, make sure to trim it nicely, you don’t want your whole face covered into those hairs, shave the cheek areas around your eyes. You can use some nice clippers and trim long hairs on the neck. It gives you that luxury look.

Nose hairs

Next thing we are going to talk about is nose and ears hairs, many guys tend to miss it. You don’t those nose hairs sneaking out of your nose, you can use a trimmer to clean that up.


Armpit hairs should be trimmed regularly, this area of our body sweats  a lot. You don’t want to be that stinky guy by growing those hairs on your armpit.

Cut the hairs around private parts

Haha, that’s right! It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship or married, you should keep your penis and balls clean. Show that little guy some care, trim those parts regularly.

Shaving cream and After Shave

Guys please don’t just use any soap or foam for shave, that stuff makes it hard to shave and you might end up damaging your skin. Get a good quality shaving cream or foam and apply it on your face before shave, shaving cream helps to keep moisture in the beard hairs during the shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut.

After shave is another essential product for man, you don’t to get any infection after shave. After shave also helps you reduces irritation that happens after shave. I can’t imagine finishing my shave without using after shave, it gives me that fresh feeling.


Brush your teeth atleast twice a day, in the morning and before sleep.

If you are a smoker, I suggest you to go for teeth whitening at your local dental clinic.


Never step outside your house without using a deodorant! Deodorant is another essential item for your grooming kit. You should use it every morning when you leave for work or school.

It’s your protection from becoming that stinky guy. I always use deodorant in the morning before I leave home and once before going to the gym.


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