A Complete Skin Type Guide: Determine Your Skin Type

A Complete Skin Type Guide-Determine Your Skin Type

What’s Your Skin Type? A Complete Guide For Men’s Skin Type

It is important to look after your skin to maintain good health, and feel good about yourself. Sometimes, however, it can be tough to determine how you should care for your own skin type in the best possible way. Similar to a blood type, everyone has a unique type of skin. However, if you can determine what kind of skin you have, it can be easier for you to pick products that can match your particular needs. You can avoid acute skin problems, if any, which can make your skin appear inferior. Here is a full guide for all type of male skins.

Oily skin

man with a oily skin tissue paper

This is among the toughest types of skin to determine. Keep in mind that even if your skin is oily, you have to moisturize it in a proper way. Many men have oily skin due to skin dehydration. Thus, their skin produces more oil in order to tackle this issue. Some other common symptoms of oily skin are:

  • Breakouts
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged pores

After you simply wash your skin, it can make your skin look shinier than other forms of skin. Exfoliate it regularly, given that oily skin requires more cleansing as compared to normal or dry skin. It is also essential to have your skin moisturized, given the fact that even oily skin has to be moisturized.

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Dry skin

man with dry skin type

Dryness of skin can make it tight, flaky, red etc, and the lack of moisture can cause skin irritation as well. If you have dry skin, exposure to heat, sun damage, harsh wind etc can be harmful – as these can only end up worsening your symptoms. Try to avoid all kinds of irritants. The use of wrong skincare products can also cause dryness, and lead to severe skin problems – like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

You have to use products that are extremely gentle on the skin, and which are unlikely to lead to an inflammation. Products which have many chemicals are not good for people with dry type of skin. Thus, choose products that comprise of ingredients that are more natural, given that these would be softer on the skin. Hydrating serums, creamy moisturizers and soft cleansers are excellent for dry skin, and can make your skin hydrated without causing dryness or inflammation that can lead to discomfort.

Combination skin

This kind of skin is a combination of two types of skin, or more. For instance, if you have quite dry cheeks but have a T-zone that is oily, you have combination skin – given that skin of every zone is different. Those with combination skin need to be extremely careful about the way their skin looks, as well as the kind of products that they use, given that their skin type is more susceptible to flaws than other types.

If you do not have an idea about how to handle combination skin, you would find it tough to know how to care for your skin. However, once you decide on which parts stay oily and which ones are oil-free, you may accordingly adjust your own skincare regimen. It might mean the use of various products on your T-zone that is oily, such as exfoliating and cleansing face masks and using more hydrating products on dry spots, such as moisturizers and serums. You have to treat every skin area by following every type, with the help of many products, not only a specific one for the entire face. In case you have combination skin, slightly more work might be required. However, if you properly look after it, you may still have skin that looks amazing.

Sensitive skin

man with sensitive skin type
image by MensXP

Men with sensitive skin are rarer to find than women with the same. It can be tough for a man to deal with a sensitive type of skin. This kind of skin gets irritated easily, and may cause blotchy skin or inflamed skin problems upon coming in contact with any damaging product.

Those with sensitive skin often experience that a specific product that they had been using is leading to flare-ups of skin issues. Thus, if you have dry skin, it is essential to first check the ingredients contained in the product that you intend to purchase, prior to applying it onto the skin. Carry out a fast spot test on the skin of your hand before applying the product onto your facial skin, so as to find out whether you are going to use the right product or it will cause skin irritation for you.

At times, sensitive skin may be an issue for those suffering already from a severe skin problem, such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema. Such conditions might make your skin sensitive to many varied products. It is vital for you to be gentle with a sensitive type of skin and use fragrance and chemical-free products.


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