A Complete Wedding Attire Guide For Modern Men

A Complete Wedding Attire Guide For Modern Men

What should men wear to a wedding ?

The wedding is one of the most important occasions for both the bride and the groom. There are several designer dresses available for the bride. However, limited options are present for men. It is also important for the groom to appear unique just like the bride. Grooms are generally not bothered by things like uniqueness, style and glamour. You can come across the best wedding suits that are specially designed for grooms. These are formal and available in a wide range of colors.

Top trending wedding dress trends for men

Two-button jacket or Double-breasted suit

Two-button jacket or Double-breasted suit wedding outfit men

This is the perfect wedding suit since its two-button style allows you to appear a bit slimmer. This suite generally has buttons in two rows for comfortable wearing. Also, you can appear stylish and unique looking. You can wear a light-colored shirt along with a stripe tie. It compliments colored buttons better than black buttons.

Customized coat like a jacket

tailcoats for mens wedding outfit

These days, tailcoats are popular and sophisticated having an English collar. When shopping for a tailcoat, do choose a plain white shirt or light pink to add that classy touch. To be more unique and stylish you can include a bowtie. You can easily find square and round tailcoats. However, the current trend dictates the coat to be round in shape, thus providing the groom with a unique look.

3D Print Formal Suits

3D Print Formal Suits wedding attire men

They are the latest innovative designs launched in the market. This suit concept went on to become a rage among wedding ceremonies. Often they are noticed in neon and bright colors, thus being attractive and eye-catchy. Otherwise, you can choose sophisticated colors like black and navy blue printed suits.

Layered suit along with vest coat

Layered suit along with vest coat outfit men wedding

Celebrities can be noticed to be wearing the layered coat with their formal attire. It has gained attention as well as earned immense popularity in the wedding circuit. The style requires you to use contrasting colored shoe and a belt which will enhance your clothing style. But the vest coat chosen should not be extremely fitting as it may not complement the body shape.

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Retro-design formal suit along with bow tie

Retro-design formal suit along with bow tie wedding attire men  walking

This is one design that is respected by aged people attending the wedding ceremony. Retro designs have become a trend nowadays and hence a wonderful option to choose from.

Striped design blazer

Striped design blazer jacket wedding attire men

This is an amazing choice if you desire to wear non-formal attire for the wedding. For quite some time, non-formal clothing has been gaining tremendous popularity. It is quite attractive when worn with contrasting skin fit chinos, tie and pointed formal shoes. The latter enhances uniqueness and compliment overall attire.

Dinner suits

handsome man wearing tuxedo dinner suit wedding suit

It can include tuxedos and dinner jackets. Formal suits were never sufficient for the groom to appear attractive. Hence, new options were desired. This is where dinner suits got introduced. Tuxedos are popular wedding dresses when worn with contrasting bowtie. It compliments men with short hair and a well-shaped beard.


handsome man wearing light blue shirt wedding outfit idea

Wearing white color will probably appear more like office attire. Hence, choosing brighter, the warmer shade will be a great choice. Pale pink, cream or sky blue can increase your elegance and lift your presentation.

Laid-back tailoring

mens wedding shirt ideas

You can choose a granddad collar shirt or knitted polo. It is sure to transform the suit as well as offer more comfort. You will also not appear too stuffy. Opting for a shirt or knit of a shade similar to the suit will help you to impress everyone.

Shirt alternatives

You can opt for something more individual and comfortable by ditching the conventional collared shirt wear for casual receptions. You can choose the roll neck as it offers a refined look in the suit. Open collar-shirt can pair perfectly with linen blends. Knitted polos and t-shirts will make you appear casual and attractive with proper styling.

Since the groom’s wedding dress is a crucial part of the occasion, it should be selected with great care.


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